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Inspired by Fizz's recent run of excellent gaming-related posts and Wordshore's similarly awesome food posts, I'm looking for further examples of mefites posting series of front page posts with a common theme.

I'm not very good at noticing and remembering usernames when browsing Metafilter so, apart from the two series above, the only other one that pops into my head is Rustic Etruscan's small series on great symphonies back in summer 2015.

Which others have I missed?
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I find this sort of thing really annoying. Whenever somebody's posting the same topic every single day it feels like they've missed the point of sharing something interesting they've found, and replaced that nice urge (hey! look at this great thing I found!) with some kind of make-the-site-about-their-thing-nonstop lecture mission. And it feels like they've mistaken MetaFilter for TOFB, which is still a distiction worth maintaining.
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I find this sort of thing really annoying.

Fair enough. I'll post something later today about Tolkien, then.
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Oh god no.
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Whenever somebody's posting the same topic every single day it feels like they've missed the point of sharing something interesting they've found,
Honestly, I feel like Metafilter hasn't worked this way for as long as I've been here, and I've been here since 2007.
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I find this sort of thing really annoying.

I find it pretty awesome, especially because folks like Wordshore and Fizz make such an effort to make their areas of interest and expertise interesting and accessible to the rest of us! MetaFilter benefits from having all sorts of posting styles.
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I have really been enjoying these posts--thanks to all who put in the time and effort to entertain me with cool stuff!
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Oh, and since the OP is looking for more examples--gotta give props to Johnny Wallflower and all the cute animal posts! We all need more cute animal-related smiles.
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I love Infini's posts on Africa/development.
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Ugh, I hate it when people enjoy things, right?

I like the people who routinely amplify the cool things other people are doing so I don't miss them. The Whelk, Joseph Conrad, and filthy light thief all post to the front page from mefi projects with regularity.
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I'm enjoying The Whelk's recent pivot to Socialist Yelling! Lowkey related, kliuless and the man of twists and turns are both always good for longreads on economics and other capitalism problems.
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some kind of make-the-site-about-their-thing-nonstop lecture mission

Counterpoint: I see it as them recognizing that there are many, many fun and fascinating topics to be discussed within a given broad field of interest, and they are giving us smaller, more coherent and digestible posts rather than one mega post that is just unloading a shotgun of all the interesting things they found that week under the heading of, say, "games." Seems well within the mission of the site to me. If someone were doing a year-long post-a-day promoting-a-message sort of deal I'd agree that's well into GYOB territory, but just several days of independently interesting posts that fall within a broader theme doesn't strike this random internet denizen as either "nonstop" nor a "lecture."
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Also, when you like a subject you tend to read lots about that subject and are likely to find more cool things in that subject to share. And, obviously, since those posts keep getting comments and favorites other people also like that subject and are excited to talk about it!
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And now I'm disappointed in myself for not ignoring this stupidly grumpy derail instead of just focusing on the actually pretty awesome quality question!
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Oldies but goodies: orange swan did a wonderful series of posts with crafting instructables, particularly crafts you can create with common household items. I'm linking to the second page of their post activity but the posts run from about November 2006 to December 2012.
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I'm not sure they qualify as a series or a theme, but in reviewing my activity I find that about half of my FPPs are mega-posts or near-mega-posts covering less well known or forgotten music and musicians.
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If there is a post about the Indigo Girls it's statistically probable that it's hippybear.

I grew up on one great lake and live on another. Dunno if I call this a series per se (at ~7% of my posting history), but greatlakes seems to be a somewhat regular tag in my posting history and it's definitely a topic I keep an eye out for and enjoy posting about.
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I think as long as they're creating high quality posts, it is AWESOME that we have such dedicated users. I wouldn't want someone posting once-daily just because they were filling some self-imposed quota, but if there are 12 high-quality posts to be made about different aspects of gaming, why deprive MetaFilter of them?

I'd never be able to keep up with MetaFilter if we had 100 daily posts, but I imagine I almost wouldn't care, if they were all so fabulous and outsider-accessible.
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I just went looking for a five-part series I did in the past, and now I feel really old: It was nine years ago.

What Book Got You Hooked? (04 Aug 2008)
Nightmare on Sesame Street (05 Aug 2008)
Fleming, Ian Fleming... (06 Aug 2008)
Past Present Future Me You Someone Else (07 Aug 2008)
Literary Voyeurism (08 Aug 2008)
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I used to do an annual macabre post for Halloween:
2006: Stories by M.R. James
2007: Stories by Arthur Machen, Oliver Onions, J. Sheridan Le Fanu, Ambrose Bierce, and Guy de Maupassant
2008: Arnold Böcklin's Isle of the Dead
2009: David Lynch's Rabbits
2010: Drácula
2011: Katharine Cox's "The White Lady of the Hohenzollerns" and S. Mukerji's Indian Ghost Stories
2012: Five dozen ghost stories selected by Robert Aickman
2013: Max Ernst's A Week of Kindness
2015: The Price of Fear...starring Vincent Price
Maybe I'll start up again this year, if I can find something suitably spoopy and/or creppy.
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filthy light thief joined me last year for Memento Mori October.
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I've made one or two or seven posts about Paul F. Tompkins.

Theme or obsession? You make the call!
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I would like to volunteer to be Professors Wordshore and Wallflower's first official student for their daily lectures on all things interesting. Where do I sign, please
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A couple months ago, I completed a personal project to at least sample every SF/F story published from 1/1/2017 to 6/30/2017 on several dozen websites, and I turned my favorites into a series of FPPs (in no particular order): Sokka shot first had already posted "Utopia, LOL?" or I would have. I wouldn't say the X Prize stories were my favorites, but they were interesting and noteworthy, so I also posted Whether Tokyo residents can choose another destination remains unknown as part of the series. I did have "Probably Still the Chosen One" on my list of stories to work in, but I was re-reading before posting, life got busy, etc., and I haven't gotten around to the re-read.
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This is a great MeTa and I also find these themed posts to be absolutely wonderful and I am very grateful for and happy to see them
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He hasn't posted in over a year, but flapjax at midnight, Interesting Professional Musician Extraordinairre, almost exclusively posted (695 times!) about obscure musicians throughout the world and throughout history. And almost every one was truly amazing. I'm a lifelong fan of unusual world music, and he broadened my musical horizons enormously.

And who could forget the surreal and mysterious hama7?
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I was going to mention Wobbuffet, but he already mentioned himself so I will just say that there is some good reading in those posts.
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I've made a bunch of music-related posts. I really like music. But I try to keep them at least a post apart, so to speak, or I feel like I'm getting into GMOB territory.

(And flapjax scared me back in 2009, when he said he'd retire from making posts - luckily he hasn't, though he's been away from posting for a while now)
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