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April 29


Inspired by Greg Nog's comment in an earlier MeTa, I want to suggest Keep MeFi Weird May. [more inside]

April 28

Comment about a boss always needing to be right

I'm looking for a comment that appeared on the Blue within the last few weeks about someone's boss (or former boss) who was unable ever to admit that they were mistaken about anything. [more inside]

April 27

Is MeFi depressing?

I saw this Ask, and it really resonated with me. [more inside]

Hiring a new tech person, revisiting expectations

I mentioned yesterday in the post about pb moving on that we are, in turn, hiring a new tech person. We're looking both within and outside the MetaFilter membership, so please put the job listing out there! But this is also a big transition for the site, so I want to talk a bit about my, and your, expectations as we go through this process. [more inside]

The Best of All Possible News!

The world is a better place for all of us today because we now share a world with Duffell and CatastropheWaitress's BABY! [more inside]

April 26

*end theme from Incredible Hulk plays*

After nine years of fixing bugs and granting pony requests, pb is taking his leave as MetaFilter's technical wizard. Come inside and wish him well! [more inside]

Happy birthday Cortex!

I have a handy built-in reminder due to my own date of emergence - happiest birthday wishes to our over worked, ever patient, and exceptionally talented overlord Cortex! Thanks for all that you do.


This post is based on is sensationalised and scaremongering reporting and should be deleted. And then the ground should be salted so that no other post like it can ever grow again. [more inside]

April 25


This thread has made me think: who's interested in putting together a MeFi cookbook? [more inside]

April 22

Amazon WP plugin?

The awesome Amazon affiliate plugin, which was kindly written and published by a mefite several years ago, seems to have gone defunct. Are there any good alternatives? [more inside]

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