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Did the addition of live preview break comment posting in Opera? Comments still get posted, but on submit, the page never refreshes, and just sits there and spins.

Are other Opera users having this problem, or just me?
posted by Caviar to Bugs at 5:42 PM (17 comments total)

Let's see?
posted by cedar at 7:40 PM on August 20, 2005

Yep, just as you describe. XP/Opera 8.0
posted by cedar at 7:42 PM on August 20, 2005

Same here, Opera 8.01 on WinXP and Mac OS X 10.2.8.
posted by brownpau at 8:16 PM on August 20, 2005

I'm testing with Opera 8.0.2 on Mac OS X 10.4.2.
posted by RichardP at 8:23 PM on August 20, 2005

Yep, my immediately preceding post never refreshed, just as you experience.
posted by RichardP at 8:25 PM on August 20, 2005

Yup, though it should be noted that this problem already existed before live preview was introduced, only it didn't usually get triggered (I ran into it because I used user javascript ("a greasemonkey script" for you mozilla people) to change the preview button into a post button, to save me from having to submit the comment twice. Posting comments directly without preview caused the indefinite hang then too. I never got around to debugging it and have pretty much gotten used to it now).
posted by fvw at 11:46 PM on August 20, 2005

Interesting data point: First hitting preview and after the preview hitting post does work without it hanging forever. I can't for the life of me think what could be causing this, but that may be because it's CF, or it may be because it's very very late. Either way, should you figure it out Matt, let us know what was causing it!
posted by fvw at 11:49 PM on August 20, 2005

Yep (slightly guilty for still using Opera, but it's Firefox's ongoing memory leak bug that makes me). I reported it to Matt via AIM and he didn't say anything ;)
posted by abcde at 9:43 AM on August 21, 2005

Yup, ditto.

Guilty for still using Opera? WTF? Why would you choose something second-rate over Opera?

Even if Firefox manages to steal every one of Opera's UI features, its breadth of preference controls, and its ability to be customized six ways to sunday.... it's still going to be a wobbly mess of plugins bound together with twine.

Omniweb, OTOH, looks to be a viablish alternative to Opera.
posted by five fresh fish at 10:20 AM on August 21, 2005

Opera was the first piece of software for years that I actually bought.
That's a pretty f*cking big complement from me.
posted by NinjaPirate at 2:52 PM on August 21, 2005

Interestingly enough, I have exactly the same issue with Opera over at Mofi but, like has been noted - preview + post works okay at both locations.

The only thing that will make me stop using Opera is the fact that it keepscrashingonmepleasemummymakeitstopcrashing.

posted by coriolisdave at 4:02 PM on August 21, 2005

Report crashes to Opera. They are very responsive to customer input.
posted by five fresh fish at 6:29 PM on August 21, 2005

I had the same probel with a comment (Windows 2000, Opera 8)

FWIW...I used Opera for about 3 years, tried Firefox for about a year and have recently returned to Opera...ditto what five fresh fish (five?) said ^_^
posted by jaronson at 8:32 PM on August 21, 2005

There. Did you see it that time? It did it again although that time it wasn't a probel, it was a problem.
posted by jaronson at 8:34 PM on August 21, 2005

It'd be nice if we Opera users could get spellcheck, too.
posted by kickingtheground at 9:41 PM on August 21, 2005

Er... we have spellcheck. Context-click your mouse. Spellcheck is in there. If not, hit the Opera website and find out if you need to install ASpell; maybe I had too, too (I don't remember).
posted by five fresh fish at 10:52 PM on August 21, 2005

context-click your mouse == in the comment box, type a reply. Then right-click and look at the last item in the menu: it should be "Spellcheck." If it isn't, check at the Opera website, 'cause it should be!
posted by five fresh fish at 10:53 PM on August 21, 2005

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