How I Learned to Participate and Love the Web September 26, 2001 5:47 PM   Subscribe

Why I love Metafilter, or, How I Learned to Participate and Love the Web.
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I have been (obvoiusly) really irritated with MeFi lately. I know I'm not a hard-core participant, but MeFi has become dear to my heart [sniff] and I realized that what I'm reacting to is growing pains.

Self-policing should be good enough, and it will be. Double-posting (or not) will decrease as users become more familiar with accepted traditions, I just ask that we continue to educate them kindly.

So, I share with you my favorite thing about MeFi: The mono-subject threads.

Radio Stations

I bookmark these for reference and inspiration. Did I miss any good ones?
posted by o2b at 5:54 PM on September 26, 2001

And none of those did a THING for me.

Gotta love an open, democratic forum.
posted by rushmc at 8:11 PM on September 26, 2001

o2b... pretty funny how you mixed up those links...
posted by palegirl at 9:31 PM on September 26, 2001

And none of those did a THING for me.

See, me neither. I think the reason that those threads feel like relative oases are that there's no discussion and hence no dissent. (What's the point in telling someone that their favorite beer sucks? None, apart from the fleeting glee of being a dick.) They are laundry lists of people giving shout-outs to personal favorites.

It's the quality of dissent that has been so dreadful lately; rhetoric versus reasoning, vituperation versus debate.

I mean no offense, o2b, and it's not like I object to threads like those . . . every now and then. It's just that MetaFilter should be better than just "This is stuff I like. Do you like similar kinds of stuff?" threads.
posted by Skot at 8:33 AM on September 27, 2001

i mixed em up on purpose... yeah, that's the ticket...

while i certainly don't think threads like these should be all that metafilter is, i think they allow us a time out from the debate and rhetoric and bickering and contrition.

these are the threads that give me an insight into the community, and allow my web borders to expand.
posted by o2b at 9:52 AM on September 27, 2001

yeah, in posting the liquor thread, i knew that it wasn't the kind of thing most posts should be (I saw the pancakes coming before i even posted it). But, i posted it for two reasons:

1) To gives us a break from bickering

2) To give us a break from the WTC

posted by rorycberger at 11:47 AM on September 27, 2001

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