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RIP Fish Daddy . An update for this thread. I bought my fish anti-biotics, but sadly it was too late and he passed this morning. I also bought a test kit for amonia, nitrite and nitrate and am pleased to report that all is well with the water, suggesting that I am not the bad fish-taker-carer I feared I might be. A little bit of nitrate, but it seems that's not actually toxic. Anyway, thanks to all who offered advice.
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Condolences. Sorry he didn't make it. I had to put my cat down this weekend and it always sucks to lose a companion.
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Wow, scacarbic, that was such a sad read. As much as I love my fishies, it's nothing like losing someone, like a cat or a dog, who loves you back. I still mourn my dog who died five years ago.
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My condolences, duck.
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Thanks for the update, but the thread in question is still open. Shouldn't this have gone there?
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He sleeps with Luca Brasi.
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I'm sorry to hear about your fish. Thank you for letting us know the resolution.

I do appreciate these updates. I always forget about these sorts of questions once they scroll off of the page, but an extra reminder is nice, even if the news is sad.
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