Thanks for askme help tracking down family history in Vienna November 9, 2005 4:39 AM   Subscribe

I'm back from Vienna, where--thanks to the answers that came from this AskMe thread--I was able to visit the building where my mom lived as a little girl, as well as the location where my grandparents' grocery store likely once stood. I've posted some photos in the thread, for anybody who is interested. Thanks again to arco and his colleague at the USHMM.
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Excellent, thanks for posting a follow up.
posted by chill at 5:18 AM on November 9, 2005

That's awesome yankeefrong. I can only imagine the feelings this must bring you, but I assume they are all over the map. Congrats and good luck.
posted by terrapin at 5:29 AM on November 9, 2005

That must have been amazing, thanks for the follow up.
posted by fire&wings at 6:00 AM on November 9, 2005

Just excellent.
posted by OmieWise at 6:20 AM on November 9, 2005

I usually hate it when people do this, but all I can say is:

posted by Pollomacho at 7:29 AM on November 9, 2005

nice, very nice.
posted by edgeways at 7:46 AM on November 9, 2005

This is a ridiculously amazing story.
posted by MrMoonPie at 7:55 AM on November 9, 2005

Excellent. Makes you think Metafilter is brilliant!
posted by Ugandan Discussions at 8:42 AM on November 9, 2005

This brings a bit of sunshine into my day.
posted by filmgeek at 10:22 AM on November 9, 2005

That's awesome. Thanks for posting a follow-up!
posted by easternblot at 1:05 PM on November 9, 2005

Any photos you could post on your blog?
posted by jasper411 at 3:49 PM on November 9, 2005

Jasper, they're in the askme thread.

Stunning. I'm very happy for what you've found.
posted by metaculpa at 9:50 PM on November 9, 2005

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