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Bug: The posts on the front page (www) all have my correct timezone. However, posts to Metatalk and Ask are all reported as PST. Can you please make them in terms of my configured timezone?
posted by about_time to Bugs at 6:34 PM (7 comments total)

...and by that I mean:


That's just the way it is.
posted by interrobang at 7:11 PM on November 16, 2005

As an alternative, you could try searching whether something has been discussed ten gazillion times before you ask.

*notes username, snorts*
posted by dg at 7:36 PM on November 16, 2005

ouch. good luck with this one. just remember: we flame because we care.
posted by shmegegge at 10:23 PM on November 16, 2005

See also.
posted by Civil_Disobedient at 1:19 AM on November 17, 2005

Someone setup Bugzilla. No, no, that won't prevent repeats either. Marking VERIFIED/DUPLICATE.
posted by Plutor at 3:52 AM on November 17, 2005

uh, sorry.
posted by about_time at 7:54 AM on November 17, 2005

The workaround for this is to move to California.
posted by whir at 6:57 PM on November 17, 2005

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