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I saw something in the blue, sometime in the last 6 months, which was maybe a book about "real" coincidences and at some point it stated the frequency with which they occur. I've googled and googled to no avail. Anyone remember this? One of them had to do with 9/11, I think, and one of them had to do with a guy in a motel room getting a phone call on misdial but it was actually intended for him or something and maybe saved someone's life?
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You are totally right. Please no one point out that I could have just looked for "coincidence" as a tag. I have no idea why I could not find this, but if I figure out why, you can be sure I will be whining to mathowie ASAP. kidding kidding.
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That's a great thread though. Does anybody have "MeFi's Greatest Hits?" Not just interesting posts, but great threads, like a sidebar archive for the entire history of MetaFilter.
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kyleg - Every once in a while someone posts a "whats your favorite metafilter post?" question in metatalk. You can search for them in the archives.
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A book to consider if you like that sort of thing is Innumeracy by John Allen Paulos (amazon link). Good stuff.
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Thanks a lot for the recommendation, aberrant. I'll be checking that out of the library today.
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