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Metafilterites rock. After posting this, I not only received a great number of helpful suggestions, but in my inbox today found a number of emails offering donations totaling to well, well, well over the amount of money I spent on the puppy. Unbeknownst to me my RL friends have also been holding a collection, so today has been a wonderful reminder of the generosity of friends and strangers and how awesome people are in general. Thank you! You guys are great! [MI]
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Any extra donated money will be going to Ethical Bull Breed Rescue, the organization that got me in contact with the puppy's new owners (who have also offered money when their next paycheck comes in--the first one was spent towards vet bills and spaying and vaccines!).
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u.n. owen?

(I keed!)
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But what happens if the particle decays?
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But what happens if the particle decays?

It splits into smaller particles, with equivalent energy plus the energy of the strong force, thus, they move faster.

We call these particles "puppies".

schroedinger, good on you -- for saving the dog, and for your response to the generosity. But to be correct, it's "mefites."

You've still done well. Much good. If the world did like you, the world would be a good place. Well done.
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Hey Schroedinger, I think YOU rock.
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Oh, God.

I read this and my first thought was... u.n. owen. I felt terrible about jumping that way until I saw I wasn't the only one.

Then I read the thread.

Very cool.

People really are kind when you give them half a chance... Merry Christmas.
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In a very strange twist of fate I was going to adopt a stray pit puppy from someone in my neighborhood a bit over a week ago, and then for various reasons I was unable to do so. I met the person through the dog. When I was unable to adopt the puppy, and it needed to be professionally looked after, it had to go to the pound. I spent the past week talking with the person and talking to other people trying to place the dog. Imagine my surprise when yesterday that person posted to AskMe about that same dog. It's a small (MeFi) world.

schroedinger is, thankfully, no u.n. owen.
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hurf durf pupper eater saver
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Can someone point me at the etymology of the "hurf durf" thing? I ask only because I've seen it a few times here and laughed out loud every single time. Thanks scody!
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u.n. owen claimed that her gynecologist was rude to her about her weight in a question she posted on the green.
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knave -- I think this is the origin. It makes me laugh too, I've said it a few times in real life only to realize it is pretty narrowcast.
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OmieWise, for real? That makes me fall off my chair.
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Makes me laugh too. And well done, schrödinger and MeFi.
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Yeah, for real. The world is a strange ass place.
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I remember HURF BURF BUTTER EATER on Usenet in the mid-1990s but can't find anything to back it up. I'm pretty sure that link to the u.n.owen thread is just referencing it, though, not making it up anew.
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