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Reminder. By community consensus a Boston Meetup is happening this Friday, beginning at 7:00 to 7:30 PM at the Publick House on Beacon St. in Brookline, MA. Let's show those NYC show-offs what for.

Need to coordinate further? Post here!
posted by killdevil to MetaFilter Gatherings at 8:33 PM (17 comments total)

Also, consider posting if you're simply planning to join us, so we have an accurate count.
posted by killdevil at 8:44 PM on January 5, 2006

Wow. Why do you guys always have meetups when I'm on semester break? This is your last warning: I will interpret any further incident as a declaration of war.
posted by jenovus at 12:44 AM on January 6, 2006

Dang, didn't see the original post. MC, give my regards to the ball and chain. Tell her pictures are on the way!
posted by Civil_Disobedient at 4:54 AM on January 6, 2006

I may be able to sneak out and see you guys there.
posted by robocop is bleeding at 6:53 AM on January 6, 2006

Wife got roped into overtime on a Friday, so with one car it's not physically possible for me. I was really looking forward to this, too.
posted by Ryvar at 7:50 AM on January 6, 2006

Ryvar, I'm happy to carpool. I'd be coming in from the watertown area - my email's in my profile if you want a ride.
posted by darsh at 8:57 AM on January 6, 2006

I think I'm going to go. I'm driving down from Portsmouth. Will leave early-ish to go dancing elsewhere in town, though.
posted by Miko at 9:14 AM on January 6, 2006

Say hi to my hometown for me... :( Brookline High 4EVA!!!1
posted by tristeza at 9:22 AM on January 6, 2006

So how will the meetup table(s) be denoted? I'm thinking of showing up at 8-ish, but I don't know any Boston mefites. How can I find y'all?
posted by rkent at 11:49 AM on January 6, 2006

look for me. description's in the old, linked thread. I'll be there c. 7:30. And check the bar first.
posted by Mayor Curley at 12:05 PM on January 6, 2006

I'm not going to make it. I'm fully aware that I'm going to regret this decision on the morrow, but I'm still stuck at work and by the time I get out of here I'm not going to want to do the drive.

Hope to make the next one. I look forward to meeting the wicked awesome Boston crew.
posted by Miko at 3:06 PM on January 6, 2006

Damn, wish I'd seen this post earlier. Actually walked right past The Publick House (and its terrific beer list, sigh) last night on the way to another bar...
posted by Carol O at 4:58 AM on January 7, 2006

any pictures?
posted by matteo at 4:16 PM on January 7, 2006

no pictures - not a camera in sight.
posted by darsh at 8:48 PM on January 7, 2006

well, how was it?
posted by matteo at 11:12 AM on January 8, 2006

If there are no pictures, it couldn't have really happened.
posted by JanetLand at 6:54 AM on January 9, 2006

It was an evening of great food, great drink, great conversation, and very little "action". Photos would have been anticlimactic.
posted by jalexei at 7:31 AM on January 9, 2006

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