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It isn't every day we get a no-email, no-URL new member who develops an instant outspoken loathing for MetaFilter, calls us Nazis, and devotes himself with great passion to demonizing liberals. So join me in welcoming Real9 before it's too late.
posted by rcade to Etiquette/Policy at 8:29 PM (12 comments total)

posted by bloggboy at 8:55 PM on October 11, 2001

I guess Limbaugh looked at his referrer logs.
posted by Optamystic at 9:19 PM on October 11, 2001

Two words: Private Parts.
posted by Karl at 9:23 PM on October 11, 2001

Nah. The new guy can spell.
posted by Optamystic at 9:46 PM on October 11, 2001

Strange, he's using zeroknowledge (I suppose, until they shut the network down), so he's got a new IP on every post.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 9:52 PM on October 11, 2001

On the bright side, this user isn't commenting that much. I don't think it's our old pal mr. parts.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 9:57 PM on October 11, 2001

So were most of PrivateParts's comments deleted (I just looked to see what all the fuss was about, and there's only 8 on record, one of those a "submit twice")?
posted by andrew cooke at 12:26 AM on October 12, 2001

There are more comments out there, they're just under some of the many different names he used ("FreeSpeech" & "Pat McGroin" are two that come to mind).
posted by zempf at 5:53 AM on October 12, 2001

Also RightWinger.
posted by rcade at 6:20 AM on October 12, 2001

But this guys uses big words like "narcissistic" and "irrelevance". He's sooooo smart.

Actually, I think he's so far managed to keep from crossing the line. Nazi comments are unacceptable, but I don't think he's committed any ban-able offenses. At least not yet.
posted by jpoulos at 6:46 AM on October 12, 2001

lets kill the fucker
posted by clavdivs at 2:32 PM on October 14, 2001

And of course, when the leftists on MeFi throw around the word Nazi, no one seems to mind:

As for invoking Godwin: how dare you accuse me, you fucking Nazi.
posted by holgate at 6:53 AM PST on October 16

posted by ljromanoff at 7:51 AM on October 16, 2001

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