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Metatalk has become too easy to use. Witness the number of posts here in the past couple of days since the new and improved interface. Egad! I already can't keep up with Mefi proper, now look at all these MeTalk posts! [insert more whining here]

Actually, it's not that bad... yet. But what happens when Meta gets so overrun that one person can't parse it all? Is this going to overwhelm Matt even more? Just thought I'd bring it up for discussion.
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Well, I knew this would happen, and although it makes for more stuff here, it makes the site easier to use.

I found myself missing comments from a day or two previous, and missing whole threads from categories I checked but didn't scroll through.

The whole UBB-style model this site used to carry certainly limited posts, but it also limited my ability to read and respond to them all.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 1:36 PM on October 12, 2001

Matt, I appreciate the easier-to-use interface. Yes, I have been busy on MeTa today, the day of my first posts/comments on MeTa. I've linked & comments on MeFi for a while and would peruse MeTa occasionally. The new interface makes it easier not just to post (sorry daveadams, your little hideaway is no longer so hidden), but to read and see the community discussing actions and reactions. That's a good thing. It should help newbies (such as me, a relative newbie) understand proper, accepted conduct.

To take it a step further, what would you think of a MeTa probationary period before people are allowed to post on MeFi? As in, they must have linked/commented/participated in some way on MeTa before posting on MeFi's front page? That might filter out some noise.
posted by msacheson at 1:49 PM on October 12, 2001

metatalk: "sort by recent comments"?
posted by rebeccablood at 2:03 PM on October 12, 2001

sorry daveadams, your little hideaway is no longer so hidden


I love the new MeTalk interface. I had trouble keeping up with the old style, myself, so this is a huge improvement The inline categories rock, as well.

I'm just trying to bring up that it's going to get harder to constructively discuss Metafilter here on Metatalk as it gets more crowded and noisier. That's inevitable, though, I suppose. And I'm contributing to the noise with a silly post.

I like rebecca's idea of making the same views available on Meta as on Mefi. My fragile ego demands constant validation, so I'd like to see the "My recent comments" view, at least. :)

what would you think of a MeTa probationary period before people are allowed to post on MeFi?

Personally, I think Metatalk should come after Mefi in the discovery process. A forced waiting period before posting to Mefi is enough to force new users to lurk first. Reading Metatalk would, I think, be far too confusing for a newbie to Mefi and we'd end up with a lot of shoulda-been-on-Mefi postings here that Matt would just have to delete.
posted by daveadams at 2:46 PM on October 12, 2001

fair'nuf, daveadams. Thanks for the reply and rebuttals.
posted by msacheson at 3:45 PM on October 12, 2001

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