Do we have a hot-as-sh17 Palm sync-able page? October 16, 2001 9:46 PM   Subscribe

Do we have a hot-as-sh17 Palm sync-able page? I've tried using the sidebar as my sync page but it could use some Palm-oriented tweaks (also, some Palm browsers don't like the XHTML in that file). (I'll even help out with the template, if wanted.)

posted by teradome to Feature Requests at 9:46 PM (6 comments total)

make a "hello world" palm template for me with one demo metafilter thread in it, and I'll create a palm output page based off it. I'll even put it at for you.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 11:56 PM on October 16, 2001

wow, you the man, matt!
ok, i will whip up a template and send it to you in the next few days.
posted by teradome at 8:58 PM on October 17, 2001

Matt is so the man that other men, when they are around him, become womanly.
posted by sylloge at 1:28 AM on October 18, 2001

"...become the women" is funnier.
posted by rodii at 8:20 AM on October 18, 2001

Please please please let us know when this is up and running. MeFi next to The Onion next to my CrackMonkey virtual pet, who could ask for anything more?
posted by adampsyche at 9:02 AM on October 18, 2001

+1, rodii

game point.
posted by sylloge at 1:46 PM on October 18, 2001

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