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There was a thread here, a couple of years ago, I think, about the Zen-like (I don't remember if he was actually aligned with that tradition) aphorisms of a wise man. Many of his insights were oddly striking, but some of them seemed kind of obvious, too. An example was something like this: "People look more attractive at night."

I have searched, but not been able to find that thread. Any idea where it is?
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You're not talking about Jack Handey, by any chance?
posted by languagehat at 8:58 AM on April 29, 2006

No, no, although the example I gave might incline one to think so ... this was actually a serious thinker, people were lavishing the praise on this guy, whoever it was.
posted by jayder at 9:11 AM on April 29, 2006

Was it these Zen koans? If not, you can at least easily search the "zen" & "koan" tags from there, if you haven't yet.
posted by obloquy at 1:44 PM on April 29, 2006

Was it Ashleigh Brilliant?
posted by halonine at 8:03 PM on April 29, 2006

I can't believe it; I have stumped MeTa. I didn't think that was possible. (Maybe I didn't see it here ... but could swear I did.)

It wasn't the Zen koans I was thinking of, nor was it Ashleigh Brilliant ... though those were some good links. Thanks.
posted by jayder at 8:10 PM on April 29, 2006

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