Wife pro,ised to read one scifi book; did she? May 7, 2006 8:26 AM   Subscribe

Did blahblahblah's wife ever agree to read one of these?
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well, he said "Thanks for the list! It is gratifying to know that I have read a lot of these already, but I will refrain from editorial comment and simply post my wife's decision later for those interested." so I'd keep an eye on that thread for updates. [note: that was only three days ago]
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She's picking one today or tomorrow! I'll let you know here and the other thread. She is actually a bit nervous about the audience, but I have assured her that the MeFi world is not that scary.
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What blahblahblah didn't mention is that his wife is Evelyn Wood.
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With this much hype...
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I have assured her that the MeFi world is not that scary.

You really shouldn't lie to your wife.
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Well, after telling her, not to worry, since MeFi only know's her as "blahblahblah's wife" she told me that she has never been prouder. I have decided to take that at face value.

Anyhow, I will probably post the choice tonight.
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See, you should just remove her brain wholesale and graft it into some kind of rickety robotic Erector-set spider thing and then you can hardwire an OCR book-reading scanner into her frontal lobes and subject her to all sorts of tasty science fiction stories.

Plus you'll have a wet-brained cyborg robotic spider thing for a wife and that would just be totally awesome.

but I have assured her that the MeFi world is not that scary.

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Well, after telling her, not to worry, since MeFi only know's her as "blahblahblah's wife"

Wait, is she in the CIA?
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Okay, the verdict is Cloud Atlas.
The reasoning:
1) Six people recommended it quite eloquently
2) At least some of the plotlines aren't SF, so she can dip her foot in.
3) Phenomenal critical acclaim, -- it was described in one review "[taking] one’s breath away in a manner not unlike a first experience of Chartres or the Duomo," and she liked the Duomo.
4) I haven't read it either, so we can both read it together and discuss.

Finalists were Oryx and Crake (though she already read Atwood, and decided to try something new), The Anubis Gates (which she might try next), Golden Compass, and Galatea 2.2. I'll keep you up to date on what happens...
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I picked up Cloud Atlas on your question's responses' recommendation, too. I'm a few chapters in and it's excellent so far. hope you two enjoy it as well! =)
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Shucks, if I had known eloquence played a role I could've done better than just linking to the wikipedia article about Dhalgren.
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"blahblahblah's wife" -- what modern woman wouldn't be proud of that appellation.
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Yay! Cloud Atlas. Looking forward to hearing what you each think of it.
posted by donovan at 9:41 AM on May 8, 2006

Metachat Book Club discussion on Cloud Atlas (save it till after you've finished the book - it contains spoilers).
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