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Pony request, in light of this thread -- flagging options include "noise", "derail" or "doesn't follow the guidlines" but it seems to me AskMe requires another option, kind of an opposite to "fantastic post" -- how about adding "Doesn't answer the question"?

But that would require AskMe specific flags, which might be difficult or impossible. Instead, how about an "Irrelevant" flag?
posted by Rash to Feature Requests at 2:19 PM (15 comments total)

But on preview I guess "Irrelevant" == "Noise" so sorry, I'll go away now.
posted by Rash at 2:21 PM on May 7, 2006

I don't think the "noice" and "derail" comments are heeded in the slightest, anyway.
posted by scarabic at 2:41 PM on May 7, 2006

Whenever I see a wise ass answer, or answer that's really stupid and is only a thin veil for a wise ass remark -- I mark it as noise. As long as Matt and Jess recognize that noise/derail are much more significant on AskMe than Metafilter (where it can really, really destroy a question) -- I don't think it's a problem.
posted by geoff. at 2:44 PM on May 7, 2006

I don't see much difference between "noise" and "derail." They are both aimed at the same problem: off-topic distractions. Maybe they should be combined.
posted by brain_drain at 3:19 PM on May 7, 2006

Not answering the question breaks the guidelines of Ask MetaFilter. "Doesn't follow the guidelines" would be the applicable tag.
posted by Captaintripps at 4:12 PM on May 7, 2006

I basically use "noise" for everything. I think Matt admitted somewhere that the choices were ill thought out. As far as I can see, all that's needed is "fantastic," "double," and "bad." Matt and jessamyn can look at the "bad" and see for themselves why it's so labeled.
posted by languagehat at 4:47 PM on May 7, 2006

Crotchety. We need a damn "crotchety" tag.
posted by Ken McE at 6:34 PM on May 7, 2006

'irrelevant' == 'noise'
posted by delmoi at 6:43 PM on May 7, 2006

While we're at it, how about a "self-link" or "self-promotion" category. There have been (and continue to be) a number of threads that tread too near "I'm posting a link to my site/project/weblog to the front page of a popular site, and here's a tangentially related question."
posted by Danelope at 6:57 PM on May 7, 2006

If you live in a democracy, isn't ANY political link technically a self-link?
posted by blue_beetle at 6:59 PM on May 7, 2006

*flags everything as irrelevant*
posted by dg at 8:27 PM on May 7, 2006

If you live in a democracy, isn't ANY political link technically a self-link?

Well yes of course, but how many of us can boast about such a thing?
posted by goodnewsfortheinsane at 3:20 AM on May 8, 2006

Yeah, I forgot about self-linking—we need a tag for that too.
posted by languagehat at 6:01 AM on May 8, 2006

How about just a single "bad" flag and a single "good" flag, each with a short (30 characters or less) free-form field to enter the reason.
posted by Rhomboid at 6:01 AM on May 8, 2006

What's particularly boggling is that Jess posts "
[morality issues concerning red light running can be taken to metatalk]" but leaves off the apparent "but the preceding 3 messages which are just irrelevant bullshit I'm not going to delete for some inexplicable reason."
posted by phearlez at 1:12 PM on May 8, 2006

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