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Etiquettefilter: I want to bring mefites attention to a project, but am not sure if it is a FPP on the blue (with supporting links of course), a project (as I am not the creator) or, most importantly, a horrible Pepsi Blue self-promotion that will end up getting me banned. [mi]
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The project I speak of is A Swarm of Angels (I didn't want to put a link on the main metatalk page, for the reasons I listed.)

It's basically a new type of approach to film making/new media. Get 50,000 people to sign up (for a fee) and use the resultant money and communal brainpower to create a feature film and distribute it. Think of it as a wiki-film. (They call it Cinema 2.0 which annoys me to no end.)

Now the problems:

1. Self-link? I have signed up to it, so would that make me unsuitable to post about it? I am only a member of the community and not an originator in any way.

2. Pepsi Blue? The site, ultimately, is trying to get people to sign up and shell out £25 to be a part of the project. There is plenty of stuff on the site without having to pay. The forums are viewable and I'll throw in some other links to discussion about the project/similar ideas etc.

3. Projects? I would post it into projects, but I am not the creator. Having the creator sign up and post about it right away seems to be frowned upon quite heavily as well.

4. It has been featured on boingboing as well as, which I know quite a few people read. This is a minor concern, but I know people tend to get pissy about re-reading the same stuff over again.

The reason I still want to post this is because I think several mefites would be interested in helping out with the project and the whole process is rather fascinating.

So, do I post? And if I do, where?
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My guess is Projects. My only one was a site where I did a ton of penetration testing (security) for the owner who was a friend. I discussed it at considerable length with Matt and Jessamyn over IM, and we all came to the conclusion that Projects was the right place since I was pseudo-involved.

The reason, I think, that people don't like owners signing up and posting to Projects is because it reeks of spam.

This is all just my guess, though. It kind of sucks because you're getting a scant fraction of the eyeballs, but that's life.
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You weren't involved in the creation of it in any way? It's a good site that you think is useful or interesting and that others might as well? You're not getting any kind of personal benefit by posting it, other than the satisfaction that you've done the community here a service?

To the blue with you!
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I have to agree. Blue it. It sounds very interesting, and I always detest the "Oh god, not another boingboing rehash" comments on the blue. Not EVERYBODY who reads the blue reads BB, and if it's interesting and worthy enough for MeFi, chances are pretty good it'll have ended up on BoingBoing at some point (either before or after).
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If you are in any way involved with it (hosted it? beta tested it? designed it?) then it goes to Projects, otherwise it seems like an ok idea for the blue unless I am missing something.
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Jessamyn, my involvement with ASOA is pretty much equal to my involvement here in metafilter as a community. Simply a member that contributes content and ideas.
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Sounds like it would fit quite nicely on the blue. I look forward to seeing the post.
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Get 50,000 people to sign up (for a fee) and use the resultant money and communal brainpower to create a feature film and distribute it.

Ah, I misread this as implying you got part of the fee. My bad. Yeah, blue.
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1. Self-link? I have signed up to it, so would that make me unsuitable to post about it?

Not a self link.

Just post it already.
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Thanks all. I appreciate the feedback.

I'm gonna put up the FPP tomorrow, once I get some more meat off the forums.

Keep an eye out for it.
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Initial response is somewhat sardonic to say the least. Colour me surprised. Heh.
posted by slimepuppy at 3:13 AM on May 12, 2006

Well the joy of self-policing is that even if mathowie and I and the assembled MetaTalkians think it's okay for the blue, there is still the court of public opinion.
posted by jessamyn (staff) at 6:06 AM on May 12, 2006

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