Pony: new posts to MeFi/subsites since last visit? May 22, 2006 5:20 PM   Subscribe

Lookin for a pony: Could there be a "new" page which only shows new posts to blue/green/grey since your last visit?
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posted by birdherder at 5:25 PM on May 22, 2006

Yeh, thought not. Thanks anyway, birdherder
posted by bonaldi at 5:30 PM on May 22, 2006

pretty please with pancakes on top?
posted by blue_beetle at 6:02 PM on May 22, 2006

RSS is really good at this.
posted by mendel at 6:11 PM on May 22, 2006

RSS is really bad, actually, since the feeds don't know when my last visit was.

Say I have my feeds updating every hour, because I'm a nice person. Then I visit MeFi twice in that hour. The two sets of "new" are now totally different.
posted by bonaldi at 6:22 PM on May 22, 2006

I could do this, it wouldn't be too hard, but I've got a lot of little plates spinning at the moment so it might be a while.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 7:09 PM on May 22, 2006

Actually, some RSS readers will accumulate all of your unread (or "new") posts and leave 'em there until you read them. I think Thunderbird's built-in client works that way.
posted by danb at 7:09 PM on May 22, 2006

Yeah, like danb sez, rss is actually better at this, if you use the right reader, since it keeps track of what you've actually read, rather than when the feed was checked. Even the current "13 comments (3 new)" seems pretty useless to me, since it is just based on when you loaded the page, having no idea whether you've read it or not. Shouldn't a website simply publish its content, and leave it up to the client to know what is new to you?
posted by team lowkey at 7:42 PM on May 22, 2006

posted by blue_beetle at 9:08 PM on May 22, 2006

Matt: Great! Thanks!

RSS-fans: I think we're talking at cross-purposes. RSS would be great if I absolutely categorically didn't want to miss a new post, but that's not the goal here. What I want is a page where, after a hard day's MeFi-ing, I can pop on and quickly see just what's new since the last time I visited, maybe half an hour ago.

I really don't care if I've "read" them or not, I just want to know what's new since I was last here. The time I loaded the page is fine.
posted by bonaldi at 9:51 AM on May 23, 2006

When you're done reading in your RSS reader, hit "mark all read". Or just read backwards from the latest post until you're bored.

That's the way you can do what you want right now, instead of hoping someone else changes the way Metafilter works for you.
posted by mendel at 9:49 AM on May 25, 2006

No, because then for the times when I don't care about every little spit and fart of MeFi, I've got thread after thread clogging up my newsreader. Really, this is both simple for Matt (he says, at least), and isn't replaceable by RSS, astounding though the thought may be.
posted by bonaldi at 10:27 AM on May 25, 2006

Your not replaceable by RSS is what I do every day.

It's nice of Matt to make your laziness his problem, but it's stupid to say it's impossible when you mean you don't want to bother.
posted by mendel at 1:35 PM on May 31, 2006

No, it's really not what you do every day, unless you're misunderstanding what I'm trying to do.

I don't want to keep track of every thread that comes and goes. I want to know what's new since my last visit. So for my first visit of the day, I'll check the pages myself, and then when I return I'll just see what's new.

Using RSS, I imagine you suggest I:
  • Open my feed reader
  • Mark all articles, across three MeFi feeds, new
  • Read MeFi [time passes]
  • Return to my feed reader
  • Force a refresh (which I think is impossible in bloglines, but hey -- and how often does the MeFi feed update anyway?)
  • See what's new.
  • Repeat ad nauseum, trying not to interfere with all my other feeds at the same time.
I suggest:
Making "What's new" my MeFi bookmark. So then I:
  • Click my bookmark
  • Repeat ad nauseum
Or am I being stupid?
posted by bonaldi at 1:43 PM on May 31, 2006

Sorry, Mark all new articles, across three Mefi feeds, as read.
posted by bonaldi at 1:46 PM on May 31, 2006

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