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hi. i've just found out about an upcoming symposium series that i think would really be appealing to the sort of folks that frequent metafilter. however, the event is taking place next week here in toronto, and therefore people not-in-toronto might not care. is this kosher? i can spice the post up with links to interesting projects from previous years if that would make it not suck.
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are you the one that hates australians?

oh, no, it's this guy.
posted by Hat Maui at 11:34 PM on May 24, 2006

no, but i'd like to apologise to them too.
posted by sergeant sandwich at 11:37 PM on May 24, 2006

I hope for your sake that it doesn't involve Cory. Apology accepted.
posted by tellurian at 12:24 AM on May 25, 2006

I'm probably not speaking for everyone here, but local interest stories are fine, as long as it's the best of the web. So, if there's enough on the web to make it worthwhile for everyone, please post, but if it's "this cool thing happening offline, that happens to have a website and which I can find several other links about", I'd prefer not seeing it on the front page.
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What fvw said.
posted by sveskemus at 5:13 AM on May 25, 2006

If it's just an upcoming event, it would have to be pretty inteersting to a wide range of people for it to make a decent FPP. Might be better to wait until afterwards and get information from the event that can be more readily shared with more people.
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What jessamyn said.
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I've seen people post events of local interest here under "metafilter gatherings" and try to get a posse together to go as a semi-meetup. Too much of that would suck, but now and again seems okay to me. I went to an extremely fun cabaret show a couple of weeks ago because it was posted here.
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Can we at least get a link to the symposium in this thread? You've peaked my interest...
posted by dripdripdrop at 6:43 AM on May 25, 2006

just post it to the blue and get called out in meta, you'll get a nice link and not one but two threads about it.
posted by soma lkzx at 6:45 AM on May 25, 2006

Stop peeking at my interests.
posted by horsewithnoname at 6:50 AM on May 25, 2006

You've piqued my interest... what's this symposium? Is it part of the series at Roy Thompson Hall?
posted by dirtynumbangelboy at 7:19 AM on May 25, 2006

Hey your in Toronto, the N Y C of the Great White North. Your course of action should be obvious.
posted by Mitheral at 7:30 AM on May 25, 2006

Yeah, now you have to tell us what it is. Unless you're going to spoiler who wins Canadian idol, in which case: WHAT THE FUCK?
posted by GuyZero at 7:46 AM on May 25, 2006

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