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A tiny, tiny pony...is it easy to find out what the average number of votes/feedback per Project is, for all time, and then just for this year? Thx! This is just a one-time thing, no wish for a full feature request.
posted by Kickstart70 to Feature Requests at 2:20 PM (13 comments total)

Fifteen minutes and a steno pad could get you the raw data; another five or ten with a calculator will take you the rest of the way. Take back arithmetic, sir!
posted by cortex at 2:23 PM on June 6, 2006

Copy this page into excel and I bet you could have your answer faster than it would take me to figure out how to do the counts in SQL.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 3:09 PM on June 6, 2006

Isn't that a subset of the data Kickstart70 is looking for?
posted by onalark at 3:19 PM on June 6, 2006

Yeah, and even worse it's only the stuff with a lot of votes, which means you'd get a really skewed average.
posted by delmoi at 3:20 PM on June 6, 2006

Fine. What should a SQL query look like to count up the total posts and the total votes and do an average on the fly?
posted by mathowie (staff) at 3:24 PM on June 6, 2006

Since the beginning (excluding a couple of test sites in the first five) I get 346 threads with votes recorded, and a total of 4438 votes, for an average of 12.8 per project.
posted by Wolfdog at 3:38 PM on June 6, 2006

Rounded up to the nearest hundred, all projects average an hundred votes, even those that haven't been posted.
posted by blue_beetle at 3:40 PM on June 6, 2006

Since the beginning of the calendar year, 2953/273 = about 10.8 votes per project.
posted by Wolfdog at 3:44 PM on June 6, 2006

posted by soma lkzx at 3:44 PM on June 6, 2006

*highfives Wolfdog*
posted by cortex at 3:49 PM on June 6, 2006

Data as a CSV file.
posted by Wolfdog at 4:03 PM on June 6, 2006

Thanks much...I'm not sure exactly why I wanted to know this other than I had a suspicion that it was "about 10". I also had a thought that descriptions of projects that had more words were getting a smaller number of votes (thereby denoting voter laziness in reading), but I'm probably just experiencing confirmation bias.
posted by Kickstart70 at 5:04 PM on June 6, 2006

posted by StrasbourgSecaucus at 9:23 PM on June 6, 2006

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