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I reckon it's time for another Sydney Meetup. Bloody Oath. [more inside]
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Ooh, I'm up for a meetup. I missed the last one. And depending on when we do it, I may actually be Australian by then! (My citizenship interview's in two weeks.)

And speaking of meet-ups, if any Sydneysiders are knitters, there's a "Worldwide Knitting in Public" stitch and bitch this weekend down at the Sidewalk Cafe at the Opera House. See here for details.
posted by web-goddess at 12:30 AM on June 7, 2006

"Worldwide Knitting in Public" Will Cory be there?
I'm in, but not suggesting anywhere:-)
posted by tellurian at 6:36 AM on June 7, 2006

This has to be the longest [more inside] ever.
posted by tellurian at 7:18 AM on June 7, 2006

A sunday arvo'd be best. Balmain/Newtown-way p'raps? Somewhere not too freakin' we can conduct a final interview on behalf of immigration. 2 weeks from sunday - 25/6/06 - say 1 or 2pmish. Where?
posted by peacay at 7:20 AM on June 7, 2006

Sounds good to me. Sunday afternoons are the sweetest.

web-goddess: (My citizenship interview's in two weeks.)
peacay: we can conduct a final interview on behalf of immigration
A full recitation of 'The Man from Snowy River' is required.

dhruva, did you have: Serial Killer Slumber Party, arha, bruceyeah, bright cold day, bookie, qwip, and elphTeq in your email recipents? (garth and Prince Nez don't list an address).

Looking forward to it.
posted by tellurian at 8:00 AM on June 7, 2006

tellurian writes "A full recitation of 'The Man from Snowy River' is required."

Pissed, in faultless strine while eating a pie.
posted by peacay at 8:36 AM on June 7, 2006

That's the day before my interview! So you guys can NOT get me too pissed. I have to prove I can speak English and I'm not some dole-bludging foreigner out to undermine mateship and the Australian way of life.

Sunday arvo works for me. I'll cast a vote in favour of Newtown/Glebe area, just because I don't have a car and Balmain's a pain to get to.
posted by web-goddess at 2:58 PM on June 7, 2006

What on earth is an arvo? IT sounds...intriguing. I too would like Newtown/Glebe, infact anywhere other than Ryde would do nicely.
posted by dhruva at 3:24 PM on June 7, 2006

"What on earth is an arvo?"

I hope you're not up for a citizenship interview.

My citizenship interview was a complete and total farce, web-goddess. It's really just to make you turn up and have your ID checked in front of a real live human being as far as I can see. Where's yours?

Mine went like this...

HER: So, yeah everything looks to be in order. You know about having to vote, and that? And maybe having to be in the Army if we have a war, and stuff?

ME: Uh-huh.

HER: Next!
posted by AmbroseChapel at 4:49 PM on June 7, 2006

That's what I figured. I have a couple friends who went through the process last year and said that they were given a piece of paper to write down the rights and responsibilities of Australian citizenship, and then left in a cubicle with prominent poster of the rights and responsibilities of Australian citizenship. I'm not really worried about it. It's at the Lee Street DIMA office near Central.

(The whole visa process has been an eye-opener. It seems to be mostly about your ability to A) pay the necessary fees and B) jump through all the bureaucratic hoops they set in front of you. When I applied for my defacto visa four years ago, I was terrified that the interviewer was going to ask me all these difficult questions to prove my relationship was genuine. Instead she just flipped through our vacation photos and was like, "American, huh? You got the $1600? *Rubber stamp.* Next!" I'd hate to think of how the process works for refugees and people with less money.)

I'm ashamed to admit I don't know "The Man from Snowy River." I've never even seen the movie (or the arena spectacular!). I can however explain the differences between the rugby codes (and AFL) and entertain with my story of missing Steve Waugh's last century at the SCG by one friggin' day. Can I get partial credit for that?
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Will someone (more cognizant with Newtown than me) suggest a good place to meet?
posted by dhruva at 10:46 PM on June 7, 2006

Damn, I miss Australia. Have a few Cooper's or Hahn Premiums for me.
posted by stavrosthewonderchicken at 11:53 PM on June 7, 2006

Sounds good, as long as you guys can deal with an annoying teenager. And I don't have cursed uni (I've got weekend exams, urgh).

Newtown sounds good, but may I suggest against Zanzibar, if anyone was so disposed, I've had nothing but bad experiences there. Marly perhaps?

And stavros, I tip my hat to you. You sir know a good beer.
posted by Serial Killer Slumber Party at 4:33 AM on June 8, 2006

I'm trying to think of places with a decent beer garden. (We are looking for a pub, not a cafe, right?) The Bank's being renovated so that's out. I seem to remember the Marly having a nice beer garden, and last weekend I was surprised at how nice it was out the back of the Alfred Hotel on Missenden Road. My husband likes the Duck and Swan on Rose St in Chippendale, while I like the Rose Hotel on Cleveland. Just throwing things out there...

Or hey, what about Una's on Broadway? German/Australian beer with the option of schnitzels as big as your head for those who get hungry.
posted by web-goddess at 4:33 AM on June 8, 2006

A quick check has revealed that my final exam is on the saturday, so I'll be keen to celebrate.

Also, Google Maps now does Sydney. When did that happen?
posted by Serial Killer Slumber Party at 4:56 AM on June 8, 2006

Relatively recently, I think. I just discovered the fact myself a couple weeks ago when I was messing about with Google Pedometer and discovered that they had decent street maps of the Inner West. I also think they updated the satellite photos. The whole CBD used to be blurry, but now it's actually pretty good!
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The Alfred sounds good. Haven't been there in a loooong time - used to work at RPA back in the day. I guess it's not too far to other places if it's full or whatever. Also, it's a quick trip up Parramatta Rd from Central or in my case, as I might be driving, I should be able to find a park nearby more easily than Chippendale.

Say sunday 25 June 06 at 1.30pm Alfred Hotel Missenden Rd Camperdown ?!

Hey tellurian, you've got a list of emails haven't you? Do you reckon you could post the details around - obviously some people haven't commented here.
posted by peacay at 9:04 PM on June 8, 2006

Will do.
posted by tellurian at 12:56 AM on June 9, 2006

It's in my iCal, but that dosen't neccessarily mean I'll be there.

Will nametags be provided / a requirement?

This is a deciding factor.
posted by psyward at 8:16 AM on June 9, 2006

I'm in! Stumbling distance so I have no excuse.
posted by arha at 4:02 PM on June 9, 2006

Crap crap crap! I just remembered that I've committed to go to the Food and Wine show that day. We've already bought the tickets; I can't back out. I'll try to swing it so we go as early in the day as possible so I can still hit the Alfred later on...
posted by web-goddess at 5:20 AM on June 11, 2006

That went well...NOT! Except for the pool playing, wherein Tellurian beat me handily by a gazillion to one.
posted by dhruva at 12:44 AM on June 26, 2006

I just came here to post the same thing <skite> (except for the pool thing) </skite>. I enjoyed it.
posted by tellurian at 6:01 PM on June 26, 2006

aw, crap. i just noticed this thread :(
posted by UbuRoivas at 12:26 AM on July 6, 2006

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