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Sydney Meetup?

Sydney Mefites? I am trundling over the desert to Design-EX next week and would like to meet you fabulous creatures. [more inside]
posted by honey-barbara on Apr 13, 2010 - 9 comments

Robot goes adventuring.

Sydney Meetup ?! [more inside]
posted by iamabot on Nov 9, 2009 - 27 comments

Last minute Sydney meetup Sunday?

Anybody up for a last minute Sydney meetup on Sunday? emd3737 (aka Eileen) is visiting from Boston USA and it'd be a shame to send her off without meeting some of the local MetaFilter fauna. Sunday arvo at the Alfred Hotel, anyone?
posted by web-goddess on Oct 29, 2009 - 13 comments

Don't go to Sydney, baby if you know what's good for you, I have my fears it'll end in tears if you do

Sydney meetup sometime between 24-27th of September? [more inside]
posted by goshling on Sep 1, 2009 - 8 comments

First Australian meetup for 2009?

I'm back in Sydney for early January. Beer? [more inside]
posted by zamboni on Dec 20, 2008 - 21 comments

Sydney meet-up

Attention Sydneysiders! I will be visiting your city between the 14th and the 24th of March. I'd love to attend a meet-up. What say you? [more inside]
posted by Kattullus on Mar 10, 2008 - 60 comments

Sydney meetup!

Sydney meetup between now and the 3rd? [more inside]
posted by zamboni on Dec 28, 2007 - 4 comments

Pictures from Down Under

Blah blah Sydney meet-up photos blah blah lots of weddings yadda yadda good times had by all blah blah look there's tutu's... [more inside]
posted by qwip on Nov 10, 2007 - 34 comments

Sydney meetup reminder

Sydney meetup reminder - details in the sidebar. [more inside]
posted by UbuRoivas on Nov 6, 2007 - 2 comments

Meetup in Sydney

Sydney meetup, November 9th or 10th? [more inside]
posted by edd on Oct 8, 2007 - 52 comments

Sydney BBQ meetup?

Spring has well & truly sprung in Sydney, and it's been about six months, so I am proposing a MeFi BBQ. If people are up for it, I'd propose finding a BBQ area (in local aboriginal, babakuarea) somewhere around Victoria Park or in Sydney Uni, just to be close to the traditional MeFi meetup home, the Alfred.
posted by UbuRoivas on Aug 12, 2007 - 61 comments

UbuRoivas has cable!

UbuRoivas has cable! (USB, that is). This allows me to post the remainder of the pics from the recent Sydney meetup, featuring our own celebrity librarian.
posted by UbuRoivas on Mar 22, 2007 - 30 comments

Sydney Meet-up photos

Pictures from the Sydney meet-up at the Australian Hotel. Good times had with Jessamyn and her sister, as well as the Sydney contingent.
posted by qwip on Mar 11, 2007 - 40 comments

Jessamyn in Sydney!

Jessamyn in Sydney! As part of her tour of the Great Libraries & Librarians of Australia, Jessamyn will shortly arrive in Sydney for a few days. A meetup has been suggested for next sunday, 11th March. As she will be staying near Whitlam Square, the tentative plan is for a stroll through Hyde Park & the Botanical Gardens, then perhaps hop onto a ferry to Doyle's. The last ferry back from Watson's Bay on a sunday is at 7:05, arriving Circular Quay at 7:30, which coincides nicely with a 7:20 sunset.
posted by UbuRoivas on Mar 4, 2007 - 75 comments

Sydney Meetup Photos

Pictures from the Sydney MeFi Meet-up at the Alfred Hotel Pub in Camperdown..., in case you were curious.
posted by qwip on Sep 17, 2006 - 25 comments

Sydney meetup September 2006

3rd and last call. Sydney, Australia meetup. Sun 17th September. Alfred Hotel, 51 Missenden Rd Camperdown. 1:30.
posted by tellurian on Sep 14, 2006 - 8 comments

Sydney meetup

Sydney meetup - reminder & possible change of venue [more...]
posted by UbuRoivas on Sep 6, 2006 - 11 comments

Sydney Meetup

Floating the idea of a Sydney meetup in the next few weeks...?
posted by UbuRoivas on Aug 26, 2006 - 12 comments

Sydney Meetup

I reckon it's time for another Sydney Meetup. Bloody Oath. [more inside]
posted by dhruva on Jun 7, 2006 - 24 comments

Meetup at Cory Doctorow Debate: Sydney?

Short notice I know but are any Sydneysiders going to the Cory Doctorow debate on Wednesday? If so, do you want to catch up for a quick one afterwards?
posted by tellurian on Apr 16, 2006 - 25 comments

Sydney meetup photos

Pictures from the Sydney meetup.
A great night of discussion. I've checked back and mea culpa, I suggested the Erko.
posted by tellurian on Apr 3, 2005 - 37 comments

Sydney Meetup

Sydney Meetup Reminder: 1st April, The Erko, Erskineville at 7 pm. Details here.
posted by dhruva on Mar 30, 2005 - 12 comments

Anyone interested in catching up in Sydney in the next few weeks?

Antipodean meetup? Anyone interested in catching up in Sydney in the next few weeks?
posted by arha on Mar 7, 2005 - 22 comments

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