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Saturday D.C. meetup reminder! 8 pm at Uno's. Plus, anyone else with a glacier fetish is encouraged to join us beforehand for the 6:10 showing of An Inconvenient Truth at the Georgetown Loews.
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The film is billed at 1 hour 35 minutes, so if you add 15 minutes of previews, it should let out at 8 on the nose. And if there's strong objections to Uno's, no prob; I just picked it because it seemed neutral enough and was the closest to the theater of the spots mentioned in the other thread.

Also- I'm from Pittsburgh, where there's meters everywhere. What's the easiest way to park nearby? I'm coming straight from a rehearsal, and won't have time to hunt around.
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mmm, pizza.
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Saturday in Georgetown, around 5:30? Parking could be tough... There is a decent amount of on-street parking, but I'm guessing most spots will be taken. There are a couple garages in Georgetown on M St. (unfortunately I'm drawing a blank on where exactly they are).

Actually, I just checked the Washington Post:

And, to the relief of anyone who's ever tried to park in Georgetown, there is an underground garage and Loews staff will validate patrons' tickets.
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Darn, out of town....
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You must not schlepp yourselves to Georgetown on a Saturday night to eat at fucking Uno's. I simply won't allow it. C'mon, can anyone suggest something a bit more interesting? (actually, I have plans for that night, anyway, else I'd likely come, Uno's or not. But, seriously, come ON, Uno's? Prince Cafe is right around the corner, has decent food, and a hookah bar!)
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I only suggested Uno's because it's cheap and easy to find :)
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As far as parking-- there is the garage next to the theater, there is metered parking on the same street the theater is on, and there is a pay parking lot there as well.

One can also metro to either the Rosslyn or Foggy Bottom stops and take the shuttle . It's 50 cents, and one of them actually drops you off right in front of the movie theater.
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I'm quite happy with Uno's . . . maybe followed up with a trip to the hookah bar.
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empath, I took that shuttle the other day and I swear it was $1.50...hmm.... Their website says $1.00, though.
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I'm quite happy with Uno's
And to think, I was going to offer you my extra anus...
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That reminds of the episode of the Office where Michael goes to New York and goes by his favorite authentic New York pizza joint for a New York slice... Sbarro's.

I'm certainly no expert on Georgetown since I haven't been there it far too long of a time, but I do have fond memories of Martin's Tavern from when I used to be up there.
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inigo2, the website says $1.00, but the signs in the shuttles say $1.50 now. I believe if you take a bus transfer ticket from a Metro station if you're coming that way it's only $0.35 (on the website) or maybe $0.50 now.

For other locations, there's always Pizzeria Paradiso (I won't be able to make it though). Pretty good, but slightly expensive pizza. No idea how busy it is Saturday night though. Great beer selection.
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Can't make it this weekend, but you all have fun and take photos.
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skynxnex, I was gonna mention Paradiso, but I think it does get pretty crowded Saturday nights (at least, last time I was there).

And $1.50 for that bus stinks...might as well take a regular bus at that point...
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I'm fine with any of the places suggested. I'd probably vote for Pizzeria Paradiso, but its all good.
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Ack, didn't see inigo2's post. I'm neutral. Someone else who's attending choose.
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Sure there are lots of places in G'town that aren't chains, but on a Saturday night I'd just as soon not have to scream over the sound of frat boys and summer interns with fake I.D.s
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Cool... I guess we'll keep it at Uno's then, but will caustically criticize the decor in your memory, mrmoonpie. As for the film, I'm not sure when I'm going to get there, but if I make it a few minutes early, I'll try to meet people inside the lobby. I'll wear blue (though Carolina, not MeFi).
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Eeek, I'm out for the movie, but I still be at the meetup.
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New mefi member, about 45 minutes out of DC. I might show depending on other factors that aren't yet determined, but can anyone offer anything in the way of "this is what it's likely to be like/about/etc?"
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You mean like this or like this?
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Oh! I wish I could come, I should check MetaTalk more often, I have World Cup watching/barbecueing plans. Next time...
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Damn... I wish I'd known this was such a bad day for people. Next time!
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I'll be there! I've never been to an Uno's, so it will be fresh and exotic for me. How will we meet up at the theater?
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I'm going to try to get there 15 minutes early and will try to be visible in the lobby. I've never been to the theater before, but the WaPo article above says there's a big smokestack, of all things, in the center of the lobby. I'll hang out near it, trying to look liberal.
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And the secret password is pancakes. Shoot all imposters.
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I think I can make it. I've never been to Uno's either...hurrah for new experiences. Or something.
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The universe is jerking my chain. I won't be in SF soon enough for their meet-up but I'll be there by this Sat!

Have fun.
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Hey, if anyone was looking for us in Uno's and couldn't find us, sorry- we (footnote and I) picked a visible table and put up a MeFi sign, but it was kinda small. Hopefully we'll be able to do another of these sometime, on a more convenient day.
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I was looking and couldn't find you. :(
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I couldn't find you either. What time did you get there?
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Oh no! We got there a little past 8 and gave the hostess clear instructions, or so we thought... We'll have to try it again later in the summer.

The global warming movie was good. I'm totally voting for Al Gore.
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I'm crushed that I didn't get to meet IIHAA. Crushed.
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