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At this year's atmedia in London, Jeffrey Veen did an excellent presentation on Designing The Next Generation Of Web Apps. As part of his presentation he recalled an incident where he walked out of his office to be confronted with a sky full of smoke. To try and find out what was happening, he went back into his office and fired up a browser. Queue screen shots of the sites he checked, the third on the list being the blue (PDF).
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Page 117 of a 130 page PDF. I was kind of disappointed.
posted by onalark at 10:34 AM on June 15, 2006

Cool, I woulda missed it otherwise. Looks like he puts all the new tech in context of classic design patterns.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 10:35 AM on June 15, 2006

Damn you onalark. I just looked through 116 pages to find it.
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I wasn't sure what to expect from his presentation - it felt that it was all going to be "oooh, shiny Web 2.0" which, in part, it was, but it was only a part of it. Veen is a really good speaker, just what what was needed at the end of the day and when the vast majority of the room were thinking about getting to a pub to watch football.

Oh, and I arsed up the query string in the URL above, sorry. Try this one to jump you straight to the right page
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"Page 117 of a 130 page PDF. I was kind of disappointed."

An 18MB PDF of a slide show, at that. Web 2.0 indeed.
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In other metafilter on the web news:

The Karma Improved Smackbook
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bah, somebody beat me to it, i see.
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An 18MB PDF of a slide show, at that. Web 2.0 indeed.

I think it must have been exported from a Keynote presentation which, from memory, produces massive files. The original presentation also had embedded animated screen grabs in (cursors selecting check boxes and the page responding, etc) - although these aren't in the PDF, I wonder if that didn't help in the somewhat massive file size.
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lol @ recumbent bike
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September 21, 2004 B.D. (before the deluge).
Only 16915 lonely members
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