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A couple of months (weeks? years?) ago, there was an excellent AskMe question and discussion about things for couples to do at home. Suggestions included things like "play Uno" and "watch the entire first season of LOST". I can't find it anymore, because I have no idea what to search for. Any help?

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Ack -- I'm sorry. As I was typing those two words, it dawned on me that searching for "uno lost" wouldn't be such a bad idea. It worked, and I found the links I was looking for (below, for reference). Jessamyn/Mathowie: you guys can delete this or leave it up for public spectacle or whatever.

Sorry again...
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I write reports for a job and I find, so many times, that just writiing things down precipitates solutions to complicated problems. My feeling is that this is what has happenned here.
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