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A question : I wandered over to Kuro5hin this evening, thanks to the subtle urging of a MeFi TextAd, and realized why I hadn't been there for a while...(more)
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Kuro5hin folks, swell as they are, take themselves extremely seriously. The threading can be a bit confusing for me, but the few times I've dived into a discussion there, there's been a fairly high level of education and erudition, despite the fact that the average age of participants is (I'm guessing) early 20-something at oldest. Everyone seems to be very earnest, which is not a bad thing.
Here at MeFi, although the times they are a-changin', there has always seemed to be an older crowd, again generalizing, and one that is much more willing to play around, look dumb, and have fun, while maintaining a respect for learning and intelligence.
I also like to drop by fark.com, primarily for the easy laughs to be found in the photoshop threads, and it strikes me as a similar place in a lot of ways to MeFi and Kuro5hin, if on the trailer-park end of the spectrum. My question is, after all that, are there other web-places you folks hang, and (assuming my half-assed taxonomy is anywhere near accurate) where do they fit on the spectrum from egregious self-importance via Mefi down to boobie-posting?
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Besides 1142 and SA, of course.
posted by stavrosthewonderchicken at 6:43 AM on October 23, 2001

Since everyone is coming out, Bifurcated Rivets is my other woman. But I don't really love her!

*starts blubbing incontrollably*
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Kuro5hin has its moments too; as an infrequent visitor, this story (and resulting discussion) made me laugh out loud a couple of times.
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This won't work for most folks unless they have an SA account, maybe everyone, I dunno, but truly, this kinda comedy gold makes me glad to be alive. Please continue as if this comment had not been posted. Thank you.
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I tried to follow Kuro5hin for a few weeks and just couldn't get wrapped around it, perhaps for some of the reasons Stavros has been able to articulate. On the face of it, I would have expected Kuro5hin to be more dynamic, but the voting system creates topical ghettoes.

I, too, am hopelessly in love with Bifurcated Rivets (damn your eyes, Miguel!), but that's not really a community site, just Lindsay's intriguing imagination.

Even though I just passed my one-year anniversary here, I am spending less and less time looking at MeFi in depth. The arguments are too pitched and too predictable, the quality of the links grows more and more shallow.

These days I spend more time looking at FilePile than anything else. There's always a kitty picture, you can ignore the discussion entirely, and I've picked up some excellent music along the way. (I have now just violated the latest rule of FilePile -- "never link us on MetaFilter")
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You people would do good to remember the first Commandment of MetaFilter:

I am the Lord your God,
You Shall have no Other gods Before Me.

Having said that, I will admit that I read Ink Tank everyday, but that takes only a few seconds away from my precious MeFi time.

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And I have to read IMDB Celeb News every day, as well, but only because they cross reference so well.

And, yes, I realize that this isn't a "What's your favorite site" thread, so...no more from me.
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briank, to be fair, i think the quality of posts have lately been much higher than in days past.
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briank speaks truth :
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most of the ones I check daily I would never mention in polite company, ogrish.com being one of them ( and yes I do check in on ole' stile now and then ).

memepool & usr/bin will always have a place in my heart, though recently they have been posting old news. Metafilter is where it's at, at least the quality of the posts, which I think have increased in the short year or so I have been lurking here. Fark is fun for the photoshops too, but the comments are atrocious now that people have been clued into it ( same with the FP ).

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Penny Arcade and Animefu, but then I'm a video game/anime addict. If you're asking about community sites, Metafilter is the only one I can stomach these days. Of course I've read slashdot for about three years now. I've given Kuro5hin a spin and even tried to get into Plastic [::ducks::] for a couple of months. Nothing has held my interest like MeFi.

What originally attracted me to this site was the whole Kaycee debacle. That kind of sleuthing would have happened nowhere else on the web but MetaFilter. I think that's an indicator of the general intelligence level in the room every time I come here.
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I think Penny Arcade is funny too, though not really the kind of site being discussed here.

Hate to say it but I think somethingawful is pretty much just tedious. And too mean-spirited for me. Lowtax takes his jokes too far, like a badly written SNL sketch.
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Glad to see the ads are working. The new one, just approved, says "Kuro5hin: Like MetaFilter, but with more words." ;-)

FWIW, I really like MeFi, personally. I recently emailed Matt, after his MeTa crisis of faith about whether it's all worth it, and confessed that MeFi is literally the only site besides K5 that I actually read every day. It has the same dynamic as K5 shoots for, but tends to be lighter on the essays, and thus a little more relaxing to read. K5, as the top post points out, sometimes takes itself way too seriously. Basically, to really get into it, you have to be prepeared to hunker down and read a lot of stuff. If you are, it's usually great stuff, but for shorter fare, I'd go to MeFi.

While I'm talking here, for people who couldn't get into K5 or don't like it, I'd like to know why, if you feel like explaining. I'm always looking out for things to do better, and people who don't read often are probably a better source of critique than the hard-core addicts. :-)
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I assume you're talking about message boards? There really isn't much out there of "things like MeFi" other than the sites you listed...I hate to admit it, but I won't link to any of the boards I usually frequent because they're either too focused on one thing (anime or Harry Potter, for example) or they're private, which doesn't do anyone here any good. Not only that, they're not webloggy enough.

Rusty: I have a K5 account, but keep forgetting to go there for some reason, possibly because I both forgot my password and which email I signed up with to get my account. I've found really interesting things there, like the interactive fiction thread a few months back.
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For Rusty: Threaded discussions confuse and anger me. I like to scroooooool. That's it, really.
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jennyb: You can do that on Kuro5hin, actually. While it's not default, as stories with 100+ comments could throw ya one hell of a long page(well okay, they already do), you can set comments to be displayed in flat mode, either within the story itself, right after the text of the article and before the comments start, or within your comment preferences. Using the latter allows you to set certain limits as to when the different modes of display are used...
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Kuro5hin: Like MetaFilter, but with more words
It's the tiny text. It makes you write more.
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btw, i still haven't gotten the joke about not linking filepile on metafilter... someone take pity on me and explain?
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lotsofno, I'm assuming that the number 503 might mean something to you. mefi has over 10k registered users. do the math.
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ah... i just assumed that the majority of mefi'ers already hung out at filepile, so linking'em would've made little difference.
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ah... i just assumed that the majority of mefi'ers already hung out at filepile, so linking'em would've made little difference.
posted by lotsofno at 10:57 AM on October 24, 2001

i swear i didn't... bah.
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because I'm a video game dude AND can't stand little 13 year old kids screaming "XBOX R0X0rZZ!!!!": I visit joystick101

I go to Fark for mindless fun.

And the only other place I ever really haunted much was the now-defunct dreamless.org
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