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Why do we have so many youtube links recently, specifically compared to google video links? Is everyone here a Youtube addict, or do the cool kids ignore google, or what?
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I guess that this could easily be an Ask.Me.Fi question, but Im more interested in why its happening here specifically...

Apologies for some odd grammar, but my keyboard has gone nuts.
posted by twine42 at 5:15 AM on June 26, 2006

Google has video links?
posted by mischief at 5:23 AM on June 26, 2006

google video
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Youtube seems faster. Google'll probably buy it.
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YouTube is the Celestial Jukebox concept applied to the entire internet; it's the latter-day version of animated GIFs, along with everybody's VHS collection. The upside to all this is that it's from a single source, so rather than scour various sites to watch something neat, you wait for someone to tell you were the clip on YouTube is located. Welcome to the future!
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I'm of the opinion that when people want to find cool videos, they go to YouTube now, instead of Google Video. YouTube is getting tons of press, and so more people flock to it. I don't anticipate the death of Google Video any time soon, but it appears as though YouTube is winning the war right now.
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You tube is a community site, google video is not. That's why it gets more videos.
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empath, that's an interesting point. There's also the rise in YouTube comment spam I've noticed as a side effect. The desire to promote an individual video or user, plus the more "copyrights? we don't need no stinkin' copyrights!" attitude of YouTube, seems to have had an exponential effect on the growth of YT vs Google.
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I find it incredibly hard to believe that all google needs to do to match Youtube's popularity is to give people the ability to say "this RULZ!!!!!!!"
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Google does make it much more easier to download the videos.

Now excuse me while I fire up wget.
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Has Google gotten faster at approving videos? That's why I don't use it. The only time I uploaded something there, it took around 10 hours to go live. Youtube takes about 2 minutes.
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Youtube has tags, google video does not. This makes fishing around for random fun shit a lot easier.

And BTW you can download the .flv files from both easily with a simple Greasemonkey script to reveal the URL. So that should not sway the decision in the least.
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In my experience people seem to really, really like going "this RULZ!!!!!!!!!" Just look at the MetaFilter front page :P
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(Except it's generally about how much it sucks on MeFi.)
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this SUKZ!!!!!!!
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Why do we search using google so much instead of yahoo?

Personal preference and/or better/quicker name recall of the brand.
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Usually when I find any random video, I come across the YouTube link first (not just here, anywhere), even though it might also be on Google Video. Some videos I've only ever seen on YouTube. My own videos I only uploaded to YouTube because Google seemed like too much work. Normally I'm all for Google, but YouTube was just a tad more user friendy, it seemed.

Slightly (but not entirely) off-topic: I think it's pointless when people complain about the abundancy of YouTube links on the blue. They're all different videos, aren't they? Yes, they're hosted on the same site, but that's just because all those video creators uploaded their videos there! There's no reason NOT to post a YouTube link unless it's a double video. It's like complaining about all the links to the BBC - they're all different topics!
And there are more video links now because there are just more videos on the entire internet!
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Another strike against Google Video is that they used to require you to download a client in order to upload. They seem to have fixed that insanity, and now have a simple HTTP upload interface, but it was pretty annoying.

Google seems to be playing catch-up with YouTube. Is it any surprise that YouTube is winning?
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In my experience, Google is much better about removing copyrighted material, which means that they don't have as big of a marketshare (because people want free programs from their childhood). So when you have a clip to upload (copyrighted or not), which site do you think of first?
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Google requires extra software; Youtube does not.
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do the cool kids ignore google

I don't see what it has to do with being cool... I thought all the cool kids were Google fanatics anyway. Still, it's nice to see someone small and scrappy kick Google's ass at something.

Then again... YouTube is bleeding money like crazy, and Google has the bucks to drag players like Microsoft into spending wars... so it ain't looking good in the long run for the small and scrappy player who just does it better.

Still, it kind of makes you wonder... Google pisses money at random projects like Gmail, Video and Calendar with no clear sign that they ever expect them to make money, or, seemingly, any concern over whether anyone actually adopts them. Why are these arrogant, cash-laden sultans of engineering excellence already loading down Google Videos with ads?
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I find it incredibly hard to believe that all google needs to do to match Youtube's popularity is to give people the ability to say "this RULZ!!!!!!!"

I simply find that YouTube videos look better than Google Video. Google's stuff is always, always, always pixelnasty for reasons I don't understand.
posted by scarabic at 9:25 PM on June 26, 2006

YouTube won the embedded video war and (from what I've heard) is more lax in their submission screening so it has a lot more popular content and traffic. That and they won the hearts and minds of myspace users and websites somehow, so they win.
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