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Are you suffering from information overload? For my own bookmarking benefit, I scanned the front page of MeFi and picked the best links. The list is pretty impressive. Consider this a massive condensed version of what several of you consider to be the premier news sources and content providers on the Internet. Did I miss any? Should some not belong on the list? Got milk? [MORE]
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MoJo Wire - daily news and resources for the skeptical citizen.

Adbusters - culture jamming network

ABC News - home of Sam Donaldson, Barbra Walters,
and other old people

Viz - wondrously filthy english humor magazine

The Irish Times - the emerald isle's leading quality daily

Yahoo News - From Top Stories to Oddly Enough, a
constantly updated rundown of, well, everything

USA Today - The leaders in soundbytes and blurbs.

The Economist - the virtual version of this weekly look at high finance

The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy - or at least Mother Earth

The Register - biting the hand that feeds it

Oxygen - Oprah's answer to HREF="">

CNN - well, duh!

C-Net - The source (well A source anyway) for computers and technology

New York Times - For some, the most authoritative source of American journalism (requires registration to access)

Guardian Unlimited - yet another classy UK news source

Salon - a high quality content provider with its own agenda and editorial bent

CBS News - people still watch television? Wow.

MSNBC - MicroSoft's Nebulous Broadband Company.
NewsAlert - [deep male voice over] "This time it's personal."

Gladwell - archive of words from one regular for The New Yorker magazine

BBC News - in a way, the sun still never sets on the british empire, thanks to these guys.

Suck - A fish. A barrel. And a smoking gun. With purty pitchers.

Homegame News - either a humorous attempt at journalism, or the next Heaven's Gate.

Gamestop - Hey, we're serious about our timewasting.

Inside - These things are all starting to look alike...

3dFiles - everything you wanted to know about graphic cards but were afraid to ask - Formerly The Mining Company: with this, the Internet becomes a snake swallowing its own tail, but it's a well educated snake..

The Advocate - news for the gay and lesbian world, with a decidedly and appropriately liberal bent.

Chicago Tribune - They been at it 150 years so they must be doing something right.

Law Dot Com - I got a girlfriend who's studying to be a lawyer, so I can't make wisecracks about them no more.

NewsBytes - Is their logo an N or a Z? Must be an N..

The Standard - either a computer enthusiast's look at the economy or an economist's look at computers. Take your pick.

Association of Alternative Newsweeklies - No please! No more torture! Make it stop!

An Entirely Other Day - Greg Knauss' Frankenstein zombiemonster that refuses to die, and we love him for it.

Glassdog - Lance Arthur's personal plaything from hell. Reduced angst with added attitude and none of the calories.

Kottke - He doesn't suck, but he's not awesome. He wonders why people make such a big deal about him which may be why people make such a big deal out of him.

EricBrooks - "The Don Rickles of the Web." He's, like, cool, n' stuff.

Medley - She digs Billy Joel, and she's cute. That's good enough for me.

SubHonker Filter - just in case you want to mainline weblog directly into your bloodstream. - Someday there will be an inevitable dot com too, just in case you were wondering.

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Salon - a high quality content provider

Oh bosh. You know Slate has, if not less silliness, higher-level silliness that Salon. Don't know why it's generally ignored.
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Okay so they're not all ideal high quality content. Some of them are just neato. =) The list isn't a 'best of' specifically. It's a personal scan. Hopefully more people will respond and suggest additions and subtractions. Slate's better than Salon. I agree with you there.

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Slashdot is a personal favorite, mostly for tech(unix) related discussion, but they also keep up on the relationship between capitalism, politics, big government and the internet and throw in the science news and occasional movie reviews.
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My plug's forChristian Science Monitor. Some people may get hung-up on the name, but the CSM has been around for years, has garnered all the standard journalistic kudos, and is still the best source for evergreen news.
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Man. Talk about egg on my face... I could have sworn that I posted correctly. Well, I'm still new to this. It's not as elegant, but the link for the CSM is HTTP://

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