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I seem to remember Matt saying once that front page requests are the single biggest load on the server. Would it make sense to make all links, including threads, open up in a separate window (that can be reused)? People can still refresh the front page if they want the latest links.
posted by EatenByAGrue to Feature Requests at 4:41 PM (9 comments total)

Could you explain? I don’t quite get it.
posted by gleemax at 5:38 PM on October 27, 2001

Eek! No to evil ZNWD infections! If I want a different window, I'll hold down the shift key.

In cache we trust.
posted by wenham at 5:54 PM on October 27, 2001

Your browser would generally cache the page. That said, I always open threads in new windows because I like to keep the front page scrolled to wherever I am at the time...
posted by fooljay at 6:02 PM on October 27, 2001

Ah, I see. That’s a horrible idea, grue. :)
posted by gleemax at 6:04 PM on October 27, 2001

It kind of already exists in the MeFi bar. Drag this link into your links toolbar (I think it may only work for IE).
posted by gramcracker at 7:23 AM on October 28, 2001

Oh yeah, I forgot about the cache. While I don't like webpages spawning windows either, if it helps the server load, I'm for it. Besides, I was thinking that you could just reuse the same window to display links and threads in, so there would only be two windows open. It's basically an extension of a feature Matt already has that lets you specify that links open in a new window. Ah well, I'm an idiot anyway.
posted by EatenByAGrue at 5:39 PM on October 28, 2001

The obvious solution is a frames-based interface. :)
posted by rodii at 5:43 PM on October 28, 2001

ack, the evil frames solution. i am a proud supporter of just say no to frames.
posted by pooldemon at 4:43 AM on October 29, 2001

You did notice the subtle indication of non-seriousnness, I hope?
posted by rodii at 6:26 AM on October 29, 2001

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