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Retro-Meet-Up! Jessamyn (and little sis) are featured in a Then and Now on the flickr blog.
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My God, Jessamyn's shrinking!!

*looks again*

sorry. damn dyslexia.
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What is Ms/ Muffet dressed as in the "Now" pic?
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So cute!!!
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I can't find the pics, but jessamyn recreated a whole series of old photos with her sister. One of them has her taping her sister's eyes shut to imagine what it's like to be blind. The original photo is hilarious and the recreation is funny too.
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You can check out the 30 years later tag and see the other four, though that one is the best. They have links in the captions to the original photos which are either in my dad's or my mom's Flickr photostreams. The photos are not necessarily flattering, but we took them to make my Mom laugh. She's been in the hospital -- yes on the mend, yes coming home soon -- since Thursday and my sister and I had been living at her place, so we all needed a good laugh. Glad people liked them.
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I love the concept :)

30 Years Later
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Here is the photo series.
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or what everyone including jessamyn said above. damn, i need to learn to preview.
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Those are great. Apparently, I need to go back to Oklahoma and take some new pictures with my (not so baby) sisters.
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Thanks for the series, Jessamyn. I found them this morning when I was scrolling through contacts' pics. I thought they were cool and they led me to your Mom's photos (she's good). It was a treat to see them pop up this evening on the flickr blog.

A few years back my siblings and I recreated one of our posed easter photos from the 1970s. It was fun, though I have always hated seeing me in the original. I was a doofus at age 12.
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I've had a lousy day. This cheered me up so much.
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Wow - jessamyn and I look a lot alike. Hm. These are awesome.
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Wonderful. And I really like your mom's photographs in her photostream, jessamyn.
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1) this is awesome, and 2) yhbc - not Tulsa, by any chance?
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When I was about 10 or 12, someone took a picture at a family cookout of all of my cousins and I (8 of us) sitting on the lawn. Somehow, it became a tradition to recreate the photo every year (or so). Of course, no one could remember to actually bring a copy of the photo to the reunions, so part of the tradition became "the Argument about the Order" (the order we were sitting in on the lawn). As we got older, my teenaged cousins and I complained about how stupid it was, and how we didn't want to do it anymore, but we always did. The most recent photo added my cousin's girlfriend, my brother's wife, and my wife and daughter (who was then older than my youngest cousin had been in the original photo). I absolutely love those photos now, and I'm sad that now that we have all dispersed around the country, we may not have the chance to take another one.

Recreating old photos is a wonderful tradition to start.
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Rock Steady, my mom and her five siblings have been doing something similar for close to 50 years--recreating a childhood picture of everyone sitting on the front steps at each family gathering. They've got the arrangement memorized, though (down to details like my aunt sitting on her big brother's lap, which is kind of awkward now that they're both adults).

It's definitely a neat thing to do.
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That's the feather duster she uses to clean up the messes in AskMe.
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It's hard to imagine how that little girl later came to post the chicken-fucking pictures of yore.
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The shiny green thing really worked for you Ms Muffet. I kid you not.
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I'd hit it.
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These are really great! I love the original of the nosepicker. My best to your Mom.
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I found the whole series rather poignant. Thanks for sharing, jessamyn.
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Cool stuff. I got Flickrblogged a few weeks back, and the set has just passed 2600 views. So, uh, add some advertising or a shout-out to your mum or something.
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I have to admit I've been nursing a crush on jessamyn for months. This doesn't help.
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