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So there's shirts and mugs now. Full disclaimer: I'm making $3 from each shirt sold, to help support the site, while the mugs are being sold at cost.
posted by mathowie (staff) to MetaFilter-Related at 10:37 PM (23 comments total)

So you'd rather us buy a shirt?
Actually I think I'll get one of each. Too bad the shirt doesn't have random tag lines too
posted by Awol at 1:33 AM on July 13, 2000

any color you like as long as its white :)
any chance of a tshirt in mefi blue or black?
posted by sawks at 4:05 AM on July 13, 2000

I've already ordered mine. :)
posted by CrazyUncleJoe at 9:12 AM on July 13, 2000

since no one has ordered a shirt so far (besides Joe getting in on them early), I've dropped the price to cost (trying to decide on whether to profit or not wasn't an easy choice, so I've decided to forget about it and take the profit out), so the shirt is now $10.99. It's all about building brand now. :)
posted by mathowie (staff) at 9:26 AM on July 13, 2000

I made my purchase. YEE-HAW! Gotta support the community one t-shirt at a time. PLUS that mug is KICK ASS!
posted by Jeremy at 9:35 AM on July 13, 2000

I'd buy a shirt, but there's no 2XL.

And I gave up coffee.

This sucks.

(But I'll buy something anyway, as soon as soon as my credit card receives my last payment...)
posted by jason at 9:55 AM on July 13, 2000

i bought my mug. been looking for something to replace my 16oz cracked MS WebTechEd mug for a long time anyway.

and jason, i don't drink coffee, either. a 16oz mug is great for water, though.
posted by mmanning at 10:51 AM on July 13, 2000


Well, okay, not the phonebook, but I just got my MeFi shirt in the morning mail. I haven't put it on yet, but I like it. It's MetaCool, man!
posted by CrazyUncleJoe at 11:39 AM on July 13, 2000

Actually, I'd feel better if you made at least a buck off of any purchase. I mean, in the past I've paid more than that to promote Tommy and Ralph. Why not Matt?

I guess it's a personal decision, but I'd feel better about myself if you made some money off of my purchase. (y'know, hypothetically, seeing as I don't have a credit card.)
posted by Freakho at 1:23 PM on July 13, 2000

Oh, man, I ordered mine before the fire sale! But that's fine: The $3 is going to a good cause.

I must say: Cafepress is on the ball. According to their e-mail, my shirt was shipped within an hour or two of having ordered it. If only Amazon were so expeditious.
posted by luke at 1:57 PM on July 13, 2000

actually, I was going to request, matt, that you add $1 profit to the cost of a coffee mug. I'll never buy a white t-shirt. ever. but I would buy a mug strictly to support you. if there was a small stipend attached that would go to supporting your site.

on a side note, I wish there was a place where I could see all the good offered by all the webloggers through cafepress. does one exist?

if one doesn't exist, I could create such a page on my site if I had the information. if you're offering goods through cafepress, send me the info at and I'll put it up this weekend.


ps--these goods are going to be worth BIG BUCKS on Ebay in about a year....
posted by rebeccablood at 2:08 PM on July 13, 2000

Well, I was flip-flopping on the profit thing until it dawned on me:

People who participate on the site are the real value of the site. If users want to support the site with a mug or a shirt, more power to them, no sense in me overcharging anyone. See, I admit the site's been a lot of work over the past year or so, and I'd love to someday get paid back for all the hours I spent on it, but really, I'm just a guy that built the walls that hold up a building. What's inside that building is what really matters. I don't want to take money from the actual participants, they're the ones that deserve the attention for basically filling the site with great content.

If this site ever did someday make money, I'd work on a disbursement system that paid back the great contributors that visit every day.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 8:26 PM on July 13, 2000

Oh, and if I ever see someone on walking down the street with a MetaFilter shirt, well that's worth more than any price I could put on it.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 8:27 PM on July 13, 2000

Amen brother.
Heather emailed me to let me know she was sporting a m3 shirt on her cam -- which was just too freakin cool! RB, I agree with you about a place that lists weblogger stuff -- I know Re Run: What's Happenin' Bry, Weblog Wannabe, MeFi, and I all have stuff right now -- plus I'm sure there were some others. If you set up a site to blog it or something, it might even spur more people to make stuff... which would also be cool. :)
posted by CrazyUncleJoe at 8:52 PM on July 13, 2000

Oh, and if you don't have time, maybe I could do it. You know, set it up to look like a store, but have the items link back to the cafepress order page for that particular weblogger... Schwag-Logging Rules!
posted by CrazyUncleJoe at 8:53 PM on July 13, 2000

heh. I wonder if swaglog is taken?

(swag is always spelled swag, but pronounced schwag, right?)
posted by mathowie (staff) at 9:23 PM on July 13, 2000

it's pronounced like it's spelled by all the music biz people i've ever worked with, and they constantly say it. seems like working in the music biz is all about the swag...
posted by mmanning at 11:00 PM on July 13, 2000

Hey! I was just thinking about a "mall" for webloggers shirts. If anyone needs help with it, I'm available. I'll also be hawking shirts and mugs (mostly because *I* wanted them for myself!). I wanted to receive mine before linking the page so I can make sure they look like I want them to. Hopefully they'll be there today or tomorrow...
posted by stefnet at 12:10 AM on July 14, 2000

When I first clicked there I was like, "cool! sign me up!" I said awhile back in some other thread that I'm too lazy to go hunt down that I'd be willing to pay twenty bucks to support MeFi. I'd think of it as like contributing to public radio. Servers ain't cheap, and Matt puts a lot of time and effort into making this place happen. Twenty bucks ain't much maybe, but if a lot of people in MeFi sent Matt what they could afford, well maybe it would partially cover the cost of that upgrade he just did to the site.

And here I was thinking wow I can support MeFi AND get a cool shirt and a mug! This really is like public radio!

Then I decided to make my own store cuz I was hoping this would be a better way for my DAM friends to make tshirts than the way they're doing it now. And I realized that the reason the MeFi stuff cost eleven bucks wasn't because CafePress was getting like five or six bucks and Matt was getting the rest, but CafePress' bare minimum is eleven bucks. I paid less than that for the mug I use at work.

So I feel kinda ripped off somehow. I mean I was hoping at least some of the money was going to Matt but it's all going to CafePress. Guess I shoulda read here in MetaTalk before I went crazy.
posted by ZachsMind at 1:22 AM on July 14, 2000

Lance has done a really nice cafepress front end on the newly reopened Glassdog.DRYGOODS section of his site. RB, Stef, what's the word? Should I start working on a page, or is the fad going to pass too quickly?
posted by CrazyUncleJoe at 1:46 PM on July 16, 2000

cuj: go for it. I've received one link so far (which I'll send to you privately) but my personal fear is not that the fad will pass too quickly, but that it will snowball, and my little list of links with transmograte into eatonweb portal. and I can hardly find time to update the pocket these days.

matt: your very good points notwithstanding, the community that makes metafilter what it is would not exist without your time, effort, and yearly check to network solutions. if you hit the big bucks, spread it around. meanwhile, if I had a way to make a small, one-time contribution to this site, I'd do it.

(and I think this t-shirt thing is a good way to do that--the paypal meme is never going to take off. but if people get a mug or something for their cash? I think they'll do it.)

posted by rebeccablood at 10:06 PM on July 16, 2000

Just got my MF paraphernalia. Kewl! =) The mug rocks.
posted by ZachsMind at 7:53 PM on July 17, 2000

Anyone have any idea how much cafepress is charging for shipping? I'm in Canada, are they shipping here? It's kind of important since sometimes that doubles the price of something. In addition, sometimes we have to pay duty on something unless it's marked as a gift. Email me at if you have any idea...Thanks
posted by jmcnally at 11:11 AM on July 18, 2000

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