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Metafilter Cafepress?

Is there still a Metafilter Cafepress store? I'd like to buy another "Coffee is for Closers" mug, but the store seems to have disappeared. If it's truly gone, is there a (non-Cafepress?) alternative where I could get the same mug? (The non-MF mugs I've seen aren't as nice).
posted by gd779 on May 22, 2007 - 29 comments

MeFi Shirts

Is there still a MeFi Cafepress store? Specifically, the baseball jerseys with the user number.
posted by mkultra on Jul 10, 2006 - 21 comments

How long should i wait for my baseball shirt?

Metafilter Custom Baseball Shirts from Cafepress - How long does it take? I'm wondering if I'm being overly anxious since I put in the request in mid-October and I'm still twiddling my thumbs waiting for a link to be e-mailed to me.
posted by Julnyes on Dec 13, 2004 - 11 comments

What happened to the CafePress/LGF thread?

I haven't had my coffee yet this morning, but unless I'm mistaken, the CafePress/LGF thread from yesterday is gone. What happened?
posted by stavrosthewonderchicken on Jun 10, 2003 - 54 comments

Link to MeFi cafe press on the etc page?

minor. but could we get a link to MeFi cafe press page on the MeFi etc page? save me poor fingers from wrastlin' the MeTa search box.
posted by danOstuporStar on May 21, 2003 - 4 comments

I would like a MetaFilter thong please...

I would like a MetaFilter thong please...
posted by machaus on Nov 13, 2002 - 37 comments

MetaFilter stuff on CafePress!

So there's shirts and mugs now. Full disclaimer: I'm making $3 from each shirt sold, to help support the site, while the mugs are being sold at cost.
posted by mathowie on Jul 12, 2000 - 23 comments

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