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Anyone visiting the Outlands this week? With an estimated 8 million participants worldwide, I figure there are a good number of Mefite Blood Elves and Dranaei starting out life at level 1 today. Can we get a show of hands with where you're situated, server-wise? We can host a dance party on top of the portal, or something.
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I've hit my character max, and have starters on my favorite servers, so I can meet up with anyone for a good time of beating the rivals' heads in (or whatever). I'm currently sitting pretty on Llane, Moonrunner, Stormrage, and a few others.
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Just bought my copy of the expansion pack this morning. Haven't even installed it. That there were 5 people in line ahead of me, shortly after the store had opened, all with a copy in their hands is very telling.
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Berke Breathed is putting out an MMORPG?
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I've got a handfull of 40-ish Alliance characters on Twisting Nether and Maelstrom, but i'd be up for re-rolling elsewhere if there's interest.

I know i haven't been on much lately, but is "The Blue" still active on Maelstrom? EarBucket, cyrusdogstar, i'm looking in your direction :)
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I just picked up the expansion, not installed yet. All my main characters are on the Whisperwind realm, Horde side. pst Ratherbrute if you frequent this server.
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I'll be hitting up the Outlands whenever I receive my copy of BC from Play an alliance lock on Zul'Jin who's gonna race to 70 so I can get my phat l00tz and /SPIT WTFZOMFGBBQGYOBPWN LOLZ in some BGs. Hit up Zealeuswa if you're looking for some 60+ questing there.
(Yes, I'm addicted to this game. Damn you, Blizzard!)
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I thought about going out to get it at midnight last night, like some fan boy nerd. Luckily I started playing Tower Defense, and haven't finished traversing through the wood allocation and tower type/upgrade paths, so just continued with that. I'll probably get the TBC expansion once I've finished iterating all the paths, in about a week.
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Khadgar - it's a UK server. Though I'd re-roll elsewhere.
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Got to level 5 on both the draenel and the blood elves on Steamwheedle Cartel. I'm liking the blood elves better so far. I'm willing to reroll on any server you choose.

World of Wargasm, indeed.
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Thorium Brotherhood here, Hordeside. No new characters - I'm forging ahead into the Portal.
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I was the first Blood Elf Paladin on Eitrigg. Come roll on Eitrigg, it's a pretty not-bad server.
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Silver Hand, Alliance. 60 Mage, walked straight into the Dark Portal this morning at 2:15 a.m., explored for half an hour, went to bed. Now at work, won't get another chance to play until Sunday. Unfortunate, because Hellfire Peninsula is stunning.

I quit playing in April, 2005; the game just didn't hold any further appeal for me (grind for Timbermaw, UBRS run, Molten Core run, grind grind grind). Real life was and is much more interesting. But, sure, I'll play the expansion for a while, but I'm not going to have the time or interest to grind it out. Treat the game like a diversion for a few months and not as a lifestyle for a few years and we'll all be fine.

That said, I did spend significant time in a midnight opening line-up last night and lined up again this morning so that I could get me a couple of Collectors' Editions to resell on EBay (in addition to my own Standard Edition). That's the only reason I have the game right now -- were it not for my love of flipping stuff like this for a profit, I'd probably have just waited a couple of weeks and picked up a Standard at Wal-Mart in a couple of weeks.

(And I have a third CE waiting for me at London Drugs, which I will pick up on the way home.)
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The Blue's gone pretty quiet lately, but Delhia and Deguerre are still running around on Maelstrom, and we'd certainly be up for having other people to play with. Maybe it'd be worth trying a grand re-opening of the Metafilter WoW guild, with the Burning Crusade whipping up fresh interest in the game. If anyone wants an invite, feel free to shoot me an email.
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The mister and I are picking up our copies tonight. I haven't peeked in on The Blue in a while. /shamefaced

We play mostly on Earthen Ring (guild: Order of the Silver Bee - new, low level toons - whisper Saffira for an invite).
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Holding off to play as a noob with the new races might be a good idea. There are so many people trying out the new races that the competition for resources to accomplish the quests is quite intense.
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I still have not played vanilla WoW.
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No big loss; it's not as much fun without the leather and whips, anyway.
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I'd re-roll for a metafilter guild. I like my level 45 priest, but not $25 worth to move her.
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I'm going to start a Draenei Paladin on Detheroc. Name of Mazavaga.
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Yea, I had to quit WoW a few months back for various reasons, and considering I was one of 5 remaining active folks, well, I can imagine it's been fairly quiet :) Oh, and EarBucket/Deguerre, check your darn GMail sometime! ;)

I will admit to having recent thoughts of signing up for the game again, but it definitely won't be for at least a month or more--moving soon--and I really shouldn't, considering I'm only getting more and more busy with the real-life level grind. Still, we'll see. If a sizeable MeFi related group is still kicking at that point, I may add myself to the fray.

Have fun connecting to the authentication servers this week, all :D
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I have a 60 Shaman on Nathrezim Horde and an 11 Druid on Malorne Horde. Send me an email and I'll give you my names.
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I'm all over the BS. I'm an Undead Priest on Mannoroth. I started a Dranei Shaman on Garrithos, too.
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Er, the BC. What a slip. Anyway, if you're on either of the servers, send me a message.
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I have a 48 Hunter on Alleria but the queues are stupid long and all my RL gamer friends have moved to Baelgun so I'll probably be going there soon. Until then, pst to Lyceia on Alleria, or I have a new draenei pally on Baelgun named Orithia.

I would be completely open to re-rolling Alliance or Horde with some MeFites! I had to sit out that last time we put together MeFi guild because of work, but the current prospects are much better.

For those interested in re-rolling, any votes on server/side? Someone might just want to pick something :-p Or, we could join with The Blue on Maelstrom if people want to breathe new life into that.
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Berke Breathed is putting out an MMORPG?
You have been hit by a Ack, spfft of Destruction +4.

After a 6 month hiatus, I broke down and picked up BC.
I've got a 60 Mage and 60 Hunter (Alliance) both on Skywall (as well as a 30 Shaman, 20 Warrior, 3 Dranei Hunter...what do you want..I was unemployed!).

I'd be willing to reroll on a new server too. I usually go completely solo, and never join guilds (makes the 60s miserable with all the join requests), but I would totally consider joining a MeFi guild.
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To avoid 90-minute-long queues, I took Blizzard's offer and transferred my mage from Silver Hand to The Scryers. No queues at all, tiny server population. Little activity in the auction house, but that's the only drawback so far.
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Since there seems to be at least some interest in trying to revive the Metafilter guild, howsabout a meeting in-game to kick around some ideas? The guild's on the Maelstrom server, and I'm thinking we could meet up Sunday evening, maybe 8EST-ish. How's that strike you?
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I now have a Draenei hunter (7) and a shaman (6). And yeah, way too many Draenei, not enough mutant-psycho flowers.
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I'll do what I can to get there by 8pm Sunday. Might be a little late due to previous plans, but will reroll (something... blue) on Maelstrom tonight, whee!
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Hey, there's an idea, have everyone reroll Dranei. Then the guild name gets a double meaning!

If enough activity happens with this new wave, someone complain to me via email (in profile) and I may find time to pick up where I left off on the fledgling messageboard/character tracker I whipped up while still active.

It'll probably make me want to sign back up that much more, but eh.
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Hey, guys. It looks like real life is conspiring to keep me offline tonight. If it's okay with everyone who's coming, I'd like to move the meeting to 9 EST tomorrow night. Is that cool?
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Just in case anybody's on, you can message Deguerre or Vaashu in-game for an invite.
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