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Theoretical brainstorming and talking-out-loud regarding Matt's Meta technology.

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First off, please no one misunderstand. Matt decides what this thing is used for. I'm just kicking the tires and chasing butterflies here. I'll just explain why I bring this up and then anyone who wants to can join in. And please do.

After writing my GM tonight about some gaming stuff, it occurred to me that it might be interesting to have a sorta PBEM type roleplaying game on the web. Where the invited participants could write their moves, and the GM could respond to them, and any lurkers could read along and maybe chime in on an accompanying fan msg board of some sort.

And this is nothing new. I mean I've seen it done elsewhere, with mixed results. Usually the message board interface used is not very user-friendly.

It could probably be done with Blogger or other technologies, but with Blogger, whoever's running the Blog would have to give their server password to anyone who wanted to join in. That's just not a feasible security risk, unless you really trust all the players, and it might be neat if the GM could invite people he talks to in the fan board to join in the fun too. That should be an option.

I was thinking Matt's coding here would work beautifully for something like that. It probably has endless other applications and ramifications too.

I'd be surprised if at least one company hasn't already confronted Matt with the idea of using it for their intranet, for business purposes. Although email is sufficient, I'm sure there'd be times when it would be a suitable alternative. Perhaps in addition to email and other technologies.

People collaborating on a creative project like perhaps a radio news program or a tv show could use something like this on their own intranet. And there could be other Internet applications too. If say twenty people wanted something similar to MetaFilter, but wanted to post things about their own organization or club. Or they wanted it to be more topic specific than MetaFilter. Say they only wanted to talk about movies or sports.

Then I read Cranium's thread elsewhere in MetaTalk and it just sorta started putting all these thoughts together in my head. This started as a reply to that thread, till I realized that 1) I was dramatically drifting the topic. Again. and 2) I can't help in the programming department so I just didn't belong in that thread.

Still, I think it's interesting and thought-provoking to explore the possibilities, and thought others might be interested in brainstorming.

What would be other neato-keen applications for the multi-user weblog technology that Matt's tinkering with here? What other ways can it be used that are uniquely suited for MetaFilter, as opposed to any other similar program and layout design?

Granted, I will not any time in the near future be able to purchase a license from Matt to put together my own version of this for my gaming buddies. In fact I don't even know how to use Cold Fusion so I couldn't tinker anyway. Still it's fun to explore the possibilities, whether such brainstorming led to something productive or not.
posted by ZachsMind at 8:29 PM on July 15, 2000

okay. bad idea. never mind.
posted by ZachsMind at 12:45 PM on August 21, 2000

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