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Tragic news from one of our own. May I be the first to suggest we get a best answer for this question and make donations as a group? I don't know what else to do. Ideas?
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So sad. I like the idea of a group donation, but right now, I think the most charitable thing we can do as a group would be to stop posting links to sites where he might find resources and start going through these sites ourselves and maybe take some time out of our schedules to contact the sites ourselves to get some answers for him. He really shouldn't have to wade through memorial sites, etc.
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Exactly. this is our forte, we can do it the real world too.
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oops! I missed the gender.
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I agree with necessitas, general links aren't going to help her. Let's try to find something excellent and specific that meets her needs. Once we have that, we can brainstorm on the donation front.

And because I don't want to add to the noise in the green that isn't an answer; taosbat I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope we can find you what you need.
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Thank you.
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We're not looking for donations. We want to direct our donations to the best place for soldiers in similar situations.
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So do we. No need for thanks. You're an inspiration.
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That is just so fucked up.

I really will be grateful for good links.

I wish I could pass out.
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Anyone have an opinion on this place? They claim to treat PTSD and are in New Mexico, but I've never heard of them.

taosbat, if I may ask, are we looking for a local resource, or a wider helping hand? On a larger scale, the VA seems to have good intentions, but they don't link to anything specific that I saw.
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God, taosbat, I still can't quite seem to take it in. I am so sorry.
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I can't take it in either. Hang in there. And once "we" figure out where to contribute to, rest assured that there'll be an influx.
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My condolences, taosbat.
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My deepest condolences, taosbat. I'm so sorry.
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Oh gosh, taosbat, I am so sorry. I can't help, but I'm confident you'll find the right place for his memorial fund.
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Hang in there. Life has a very good chance of getting a whole lot more liveable than it is right now, eventually. Though I say that as someone who cannot begin to comprehend the depths of your suffering.
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Sorry for your loss.
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Thank you all for your kindness. We would like to find a fund that helps active-duty combat veterans get help.

Soldiers who are having trouble like Robert have strong disincentives to seek help. If the person Robert told about his 'game' had told someone, the military would have been all over Robert. It probably would have ended his career while saving his life.
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Oh God, that's awful. Good on you for the fund idea, taosbat. We can all do with fewer suicides in our lives.
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I'm sorry, taosbat.
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Daniel Zwerdling did a piece on NPR in early December that describes some of the disincentives taosbat is talking about. It occurred to me that Zwerdling might have run into some organizations of the type taosbat is looking for as part of his investigation. I can't find an email for him -- does anyone have a way of asking him (or the producer of the piece, Anne Hawk) in a way that keeps it low-key?

The VA has a National Center for PTSD, and it might be that someone there would know as well. Their links seem to all be to other government sites.

Taosbat, my heart goes out to you.
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*hugs taosbat*
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"It probably would have ended his career while saving his life."

Geez. I've been reading and hearing a lot about these disincentives lately, and I think it's terrible. Very sorry for your loss, taosbat, and I hope more dialog about this will help other families.
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Here's the NPR story Killick referred to.
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