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Do we have any data about what the best time of day is to ask an AskMe? Maybe even sliced and diced by tag or geography of respondant? Like, say I had a question about American law, when would be the best time of day (perhaps through some proxy measure like more responses is better, but maybe it could be smarter and be based on favorites or checked answers) to post it? Posts made around 1am Central might not be ideal cause they may slide off the page by mid morning, right? And they may be less interesting to Euros or Asians who are reading. (Sorry, but I don't know how to do a more inside)
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Dang, can't really address your concerns aside from mentioning that you chose a heck of a time to post this thread, and you do a [More Inside] in MetaTalk by writing it out beforehand and quick ninja cut-paste-posting it as the first comment.
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There have been discussions on this theme in the past - 1, 2, 3 for starters.

In terms of maximum audience I've often thought late afternoon-GMT is good, because you have lots of the European members reaching the end of work and getting bored, east coasters getting to lunchtime, and those further west nearer the start of the day - so you're getting times when lots of people will tend to be reading. That doesn't apply at weekends obviously, though.
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Sigh. Not this again. Please do read those past threads, this is a well-trod subject. You will hear all kinds of theories, but I say it really doesn't matter that much when you post.
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My male answer syndrome is at your service 24/7! If only I actually knew anything of value.
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Yes-- I too am on call for cake and cake-related issues every minute of every single day.
Your Vice-President of Cake.
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Consent of Directors of Cake, Inc. (the "Empire")

blah blah blah DGCL 141(f) blah blah.


RESOLVED: That Dizzy be, and he hereby is, installed as Supreme Commander of Cake in the Empire to serve until his resignation, disqualification, or untimely demise.

RESOLVED: That all actions with respect to cake and its glories taken by Dizzy prior to the date of this Consent be, and they hereby are, approved, adopted, ratified, and confirmed in all respects.
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I humbly accept the nomination as Supreme Commander of Cake, and will uphold and defend all rules and provisions as set forth in the Sacred Recipes.

Your Supreme Commander of Cake
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From vice-president to supreme commander in about three hours - quite the Dizzy rise. Risen like a well-baked cake, even.
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I'm trying not to let all of this go to my head, but please, in future communications, address me as S.C.o.C.
Salute the office, if not the man.
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Apologies Your Crumbliness; I asked for that tart response, whichever way you slice it.
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Don't make me invoke torte law, mister.
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The Directors have made Dizzy the S.C.o.C. and there is nothing else to do but respect it.

And if y'all have any problem with that I can write an even more comprehensive Consent and the Directors will approve that shit too.

Believe me, youse don't want me to get even more lawyer on your asses.
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(wrt the above, I have taken a poll and we are pro-Dizzy here in Boston proper (we are also pro baphomet, psmealy, and Pastabagel for introducing us to Dragonforce and/or being awesome).)
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