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Looking for a specific comment (or entire thread?) either green or blue. It discussed the current popularity of zombie movies as a response to a contemporary fear of anonymity. May have involved references to the MySpace generation. Within the last 6 months, I think. Li'l help?
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59 minute service!
posted by shmegegge at 10:06 PM on May 9, 2007

I am a motherfucking genius!
posted by ND¢ at 2:55 AM on May 10, 2007

Ding ding ding! Let me know if you are ever bitten by a zombie, I will totally cut off your head to spare you the horror. Email in profile.
posted by sonofslim at 5:42 AM on May 10, 2007

Shit, that post is tagged zombies? No more drinkin' while I'm thinkin'.
posted by sonofslim at 6:05 AM on May 10, 2007

Did anybody else read the Zombie Handbook? Man can that guy not write.
posted by cortex (staff) at 6:24 AM on May 10, 2007

The first rule of great writing is: "Write stuff about zombies." The other rules are: "Don't make the zombies psychics or aliens or any non-canonical shit like that." and at a very distant third is "Write what you know." So, judging by any rational metric of great writing, that guy can write.
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I had this whole Jungian theory of horror movies worked out in college, but was discouraged from writing a thesis on it. I've always regretted not writing that paper. "Not fruitful" my ass, that's what undergrad is for.
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Oh, but I bet the serious undergrad thesis you went for is paving your way now.

Mine: The Effects of Choice and Practice on Illusion of Control.

I'd rather read your Jungian horror thesis than read my own.
posted by dreamsign at 8:23 AM on May 10, 2007

ThesisFilter! Everybody puts up their thesis so we can all read them (because these two do sound interesting).
posted by Pastabagel at 10:23 AM on May 10, 2007

My thesis: zombies are real. They are not unconscious representations of anything, they are not a collective view of a failed system, they are animated undead presences among us who yearn for living flesh. At the moment, there are too few of them, or they are unable to spread their disease.

But that is going to change. There will be a world wide Apocalypse. It is going to get really really messy.

And when it comes, I will be ready.

This is "my thesis" for the purposes of something to explain to the cops when they find me sitting on my roof with a high powered rifle.

Naked. Of course.

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guns are just fine, but remember the lesson of Andy in DotD04 guns are nice but food is better.
posted by Megafly at 2:44 PM on May 10, 2007

sitting on my roof with a high powered rifle.

Not me, man. I'm going out with a lawnmower strapped to my chest.
posted by sonofslim at 3:55 PM on May 10, 2007

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