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Followup--remember that story about the Hispanic high-school kids who entered and won the robotics contest at MIT? I just met with their advisor.
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The robotics club's advisor, Allan Cameron, will be testifying on Friday before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration concerning "The Future of Undocumented Immigrant Students;" you can view it live, if you like. When I heard he'd be in town, I offered to give him (and his lovely family) a tour.

All four kids in the original article are in college, and the various articles about the team brought in enogh donations to fully fund thier educations. Even though the original team has all graduated, the club has continued on, entering (and sometimes winning) competitions all over the country, and sending many deserving kids to college. Yes, there is a movie in the works!
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Oh, and they have a blog.
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blog linky no worky.
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Yippee-ki-yay, mister falcon.
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robots built in the u.s. by illegal aliens should be u.s. citizens.
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robots built in the u.s. by illegal aliens should be u.s. citizens.

Awww, is someone jealous?
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That was the best story. Maybe an admin could fix your link?
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Link works for me.
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That is, the blog link works. The main link should go here, of course.
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Fixed. "hreaf" is not a valid attribute, you goof.
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Hey, I read about them in a year-old Reader's Digest at the doctor's office. I think. There are a couple of groups of over-achieving Hispanic high school students, although I think only these guys won.
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I remember that story. My black heart grew three sizes after reading it. If you get to meet him again, shake his hand for me.
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