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Does anyone remember an AskMe post from a year or so ago where a list of household (maybe food specific) rules were generated and the OP was advised to print out the post and put it up for housemates to read?
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I ask because of this GREAT blog full of passive aggressive notes from other people. I saw this via boingboing and was reminded of that post.
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Wasn't that guy a Vermonter? I think I friended him on Flickr let me see if I can track it down....
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I recall the print out being posted on the fridge and there being a flickr photo of it... not sure if VT or not.
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Here's the post. Here's the guy and the photo.
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You know, I think I used to live in Ben's house in London...
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Thanks Jessamyn!
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Damn she's good.
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That is the best link ever.
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OMG, that blog IS great! Thanks for posting the link, k8t.
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chefscotticus' solution (see also jessamyn's photo link) was genius. k8t you should send the link to that blog.
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Darnit, I have great stories about this sort of thing, but this isn't an appropriate thread for it. Or for this entire comment, really. Nevertheless, I'm quite glad to have a lovely and understanding wife as a housemate instead of the train wrecks I've lived with over the years.
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Q: You know what's awesome?
A: Things that are awesome! Yeah!
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Except for when they aren't.
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Where did I just read a (probably apocryphal) story about someone putting peanut oil in her milk because she suspected (correctly) that the milk thief was a certain guy who happened to be allergic to nuts?
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I like that blog too, but I really don't think of note-leaving or sign-posting as inherently passive-aggressive. I'm right, right? Since I really hate truly passive-aggressive behavior, it bothers me to hear the term diluted.

OH HEY LOOK they're talking about that on the blog now, sorry.
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I know that guy, too! He used to link to my food blog!
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Damn she's good.
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ALMOST good enough for me to overlook her horrrid fatosity.
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