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Is there still a Metafilter Cafepress store? I'd like to buy another "Coffee is for Closers" mug, but the store seems to have disappeared. If it's truly gone, is there a (non-Cafepress?) alternative where I could get the same mug? (The non-MF mugs I've seen aren't as nice).
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Could it come back?
posted by boo_radley at 12:27 PM on May 22, 2007

Shittily-printed tshirts are for closers.
posted by Plutor at 12:48 PM on May 22, 2007

Look at this t-shirt.

Do you see this t-shirt?

This t-shirt costs more than your entire shitty wardrobe, you fuck. American Apparel, the finest fucking t-shirt in America. Your ironic corduroy jacket with patches on the sleeves? Fuck you; go back to Goodwill if that's how you're gonna dress. Your sports booster tee from a town you've never been to, maybe doesn't exist? Fuck your Old Navy shit. You wanna wear Metafilter? You better post. You think this is abuse, cocksucker? You can't take this? How are you gonna take the heat in a MeTa post if you can't take this?
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Always. Be. Commenting.
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We're adding a little something to this month's MeFi contest. As you all know, first prize is a Wii. Anybody want to see second prize? Second prize is getting a podcast mention. Third prize is you're banned.
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Man, you fuckers are always so clever.
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All MeTa posts smell vaguely of shit. It gets so you don't mind it. That's the worst thing that I can confess. You know how long it took me to get this membership? A long time. When you die you're going to regret the posts you don't make. You think you're queer? I'm going to tell you something: we're all queer.
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amberglow: How are you?

Ethereal Bligh: I'm fine. You mean the index? You mean the contribution index...?

amberglow: I don't...yes. Okay, the index.

Ethereal Bligh: I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm fucked on the index. You. You see how...I...


Ethereal Bligh: I can' mind must be in other places. 'Cause I can't do any...

amberglow: What? You can't do any what?


Ethereal Bligh: I can't post 'em.

amberglow: Well, they're chatfilter. I saw the shit that they were giving you.

Ethereal Bligh: Yes.

amberglow: Huh?

Ethereal Bligh: Yes. They are chatfilter.

amberglow: They're shit.
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So what needs to happen here is that IRFH needs to hurry up and convalesce so he can get right on doing a full mefi treatment of (selected scenes from) Glengarry Glen Ross, so that we can farm that out to some motivated mefites to stage and film and post to youtube.
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So ... I can't order another "yhbc" softball shirt when this one wears out, then?
posted by yhbc at 8:11 PM on May 22, 2007

CORTEX: Let me have your attention for a moment. So you're making LOLCat front-page posts, bitching in MetaTalk about questions in AskMetafilter, some son of a bitch who needs a lawyer or a doctor, some broad who needs to dump or be dumped, and so forth. Let's talk about something important. Are they all here?

JESSAMYN: All but delmoi.

CORTEX: Well, I'm going anyway. Let's talk about something important. Put that mushroom down. Portobello mushrooms are for Mefites only. You think I'm fucking with you? I am not fucking with you. I'm here from downtown. I'm here from Mathowie. And I'm here on a mission of mercy. Your name's Paramus?


CORTEX: You call yourself a Mefite, you son of a bitch?

SOLID-ONE-LOVE: I don't have to listen to this shit.

CORTEX: You certainly don't, cause the good news is you're all banned. The bad news is you've got just one week to regain your accounts, starting with tonight. Oh, have I got your attention now? Good. 'Cause we're adding a little something to this month's contest. As you all know, first prize is an iPod. Anyone want to see second prize? Second prize is you cut off your own hand. Third prize is you're banned. You get the picture? Mathowie pays good money to run this site, get the links for the front page! You can't make the FPPs, you can't make shit, you are shit, hit the bricks, pal!

PARISPARAMUS: The sites are weak.

CORTEX: Fucking sites are weak? You're weak. I've been in this business fifteen years.

SOLID-ONE-LOVE: What's your name?

CORTEX: Fuck you, that's my name. You know why? You got a shoutout at a meetup, I got a front-page link on MetaFilter, that's my name. And your name is, "Hurf Durf Butter Eater," because only one thing counts in this life, get them to click the links by you on the blue!

(flips over chalkboard)

CORTEX: A, B, C. A Always, B Be, C Commenting. Always be commenting. Always be commenting! A-I-D-A. Appropriate--is this an appropriate front-page post? Interesting--is it interesting, and I know it is, because it's post or walk. Double--is this a double post? And action. A-I-D-A. Get out there! You know how to find the good links; you think they're sitting on Fark or Something Awful? Those sites are sitting out there, waiting to be posted! Are you gonna FPP them? Are you man enough to FPP them? What's the problem, pal?

SOLID-ONE-LOVE: You're such a hero, you're so good. Why you coming down here and waste your time on a bunch of bums?

CORTEX: You see this FPP? That FPP got more favorites than all your posts combined. I got 970 favorites last year. How many did you get? You see, pal, that's who I am. And you're nothing. Good answers in AskMetaFilter? I don't give a shit. You wanna post here? Get the links! You don't like it? Leave. I can go out there tonight, make myself fifteen thousand favorites! Tonight! In two hours! Can you? You know what it takes to make FPPs on MetaFilter?

(opens briefcase, pulls out object)

CORTEX: It takes brass pantsfish to make FPPs on MetaFilter.


CORTEX: Go and do likewise, gents. The sites are out there, you FPP them, they're yours. You don't, you're gonna be commenting on YouTube. Bunch of losers posting about some stupid meme: "LOL I can had MetaFilter account"

(takes out a stack of cards)

CORTEX: These are the new sites. These are the MetaFilter FPP sites. And you don't get them. Because to give them to you is just throwing them away. I'd wish you good luck but you wouldn't know what to do with it. And to answer your question--why am I here? I came here because Mathowie asked me to, he asked me for a favor. I said, the real favor is to ban your fucking asses because a loser is a loser.
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That was awesome.
posted by Ethereal Bligh at 9:15 PM on May 22, 2007

I'm fuckin' tearing up over here, f_m.
posted by cortex (staff) at 9:23 PM on May 22, 2007

Well done.
posted by CitrusFreak12 at 9:30 PM on May 22, 2007

Please, no more calls. We have our winner.
posted by dw at 9:38 PM on May 22, 2007

Fandango_matt - Hero to Mefites everywhere...
posted by Derek at 10:22 PM on May 22, 2007

LOL well done fandango_matt
posted by seawallrunner at 10:44 PM on May 22, 2007

That's made my day, fandango_matt.
posted by greycap at 10:59 PM on May 22, 2007

I love this thread.
posted by Plutor at 5:33 AM on May 23, 2007

I too have been meaning to get a Coffee is for Closers mug...
posted by drezdn at 7:30 AM on May 23, 2007

Fandango Matt wins this thread.
posted by humannaire at 7:39 AM on May 23, 2007

*wipes tears from eyes*

Give that boy a star.
posted by taz at 2:04 AM on May 24, 2007

Very well done. I hate that movie, and I loved that.
posted by OmieWise at 6:19 AM on May 24, 2007

fandango_matt is the lost Baldwin.
posted by It's Raining Florence Henderson at 11:38 AM on May 24, 2007

*waves to IRFH*
posted by terrapin at 12:46 PM on May 24, 2007

*waves very gently back*
posted by It's Raining Florence Henderson at 4:00 PM on May 24, 2007

fandango_matt: That was even better than your img tags.
posted by RussHy at 4:02 PM on May 24, 2007

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