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Jessamyn in Ann Arbor, MI, this Friday, June 8, at the Michigan Union. Event sponsored by the U-M Library, MLibrary 2.0: The Future is Now, Peter Morville of 'polar bear book' fame will also be speaking. Please contact the U-M Library about registering for this event if you are not already a U-M member. See you there!
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I realize I'm out of geographic range, but is this a free event, and is Jessamyn on-board with the whole pimping-it-in-metatalk thing? The site wasn't too clear on what the details were, and she hasn't really mentioned it, so this seems a little weird if well-intentioned.
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Yeah, I wish I had time to do a proper meetup or anything really but this is a fly-by, I'm speaking for like 45 minutes and flying out that same evening. I'm hoping I can wake up early enough to see Peter speak. My talk is at 11. I don't know if it's a free event either, I gave up clicking through the registration system after four pages or so. Any info needled?
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It appears to be free - I don't know if you can register if you are not a UM student, staff, or faculty member - you need an internal login and password.
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Are their windows, like on the Today show? Maybe some of us could gather outside with signs that say "WE LUV JESAMIN" and the like.
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Fuck, there windows.
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That was a joke son, though my shitty spelling elsewhere kinda ruined it.
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The event is free. You can register if you are not a UM student, staff, or faculty member, but you'll have to get in touch with a UM librarian.

cortex, the reason I posted this here is because the University Library hasn't done much to promote the event, and I think there are several MeFites attending U-M or in the Ann Arbor area who would be interested in attending.
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Too bad I'll be traveling the opposite direction to Chicago this weekend (Printer's Row book fair! w00t!) or I'd be there.
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