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A coupla years ago, a very nice Mefi user, whose user name began with A, (I think) made Metafilter pins and he sent me some. I can't for the life of me remember his name. Does anyone remember who made the neat-o Metafilter pins?
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Do you have a pic of the pin you could share?
posted by spec80 at 8:53 PM on July 11, 2007

Um, no, I have them packed away right now. They were about an inch in diameter and one said Me in blue and Fi in yellow. The other one was divided into quarters alternating blue, white, yellow and white.
posted by Lynsey at 9:02 PM on July 11, 2007

Were they the ones referred to here by azul?
posted by waterlily at 9:39 PM on July 11, 2007

Also mentioned (in a manner similar to this) here, by anastasiav.
posted by Partial Law at 9:43 PM on July 11, 2007

No, but I have a button maker...
posted by Brittanie at 10:27 PM on July 11, 2007

Yes, yes, azul! that's it, waterlily! Thank you, oh mighty minds of Metafilter!
posted by Lynsey at 10:50 PM on July 11, 2007

I was cleaning out a closet last week and discovered I still have a half-dozen extra of them, as well as some cryptic buttons, same size, just Mefi blue and gold colors with no message. Maybe I should set up some kind of giveaway for those rare artifacts, a random lottery or a 'kiss Wendell's ass' contest, or maybe I should just put them on eBay and retire...
posted by wendell at 11:06 PM on July 11, 2007

I'll give you a bottlecap for 2.
posted by puke & cry at 12:10 AM on July 12, 2007

Depends on the bottle.
posted by wendell at 12:48 AM on July 12, 2007

Who let wendell have sharp things?
posted by dg at 12:58 AM on July 12, 2007

I think you should give them to the victims of your e-mail as penance.
posted by grouse at 4:00 AM on July 12, 2007

Years and years of goodwill, shot down by one well-intentioned but thoughtless act.
posted by Dave Faris at 4:15 AM on July 12, 2007

Hey! What about the framily, wendell?
posted by Kattullus at 4:35 AM on July 12, 2007

Who, Nansen and Amundsen?
posted by Aloysius Bear at 4:41 AM on July 12, 2007

Would it be too much to ask for a photo of the pins in question?
posted by Plutor at 5:58 AM on July 12, 2007

Oh, it's only a fleshwound.
posted by cortex (staff) at 6:18 AM on July 12, 2007

How about pogs? Are there any Metafilter pogs out there?
posted by inigo2 at 6:55 AM on July 12, 2007

Those pins sound neat. There really should be a swag store with this sort of stuff. And with pint glasses that say

Working on a front page post.
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posted by yeti at 7:46 AM on July 12, 2007

I'll trade son_of_minya's right hand for a MeFi pin.
posted by sciurus at 1:20 PM on July 12, 2007

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