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My puppy & I will be in San Diego for a few days this weekend/early next week to take care of my mom. My second order of business will be to overdose on Roberto's food, but I'm also going through withdrawal for a good San Diego margarita, though. Anybody up for joining me?
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I don't even know where to get a good margarita down there anymore. Suggestions? Bonus points if I can bring my puppy along.
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Taking your dog for a margarita? Lynnster, you should know by now that Paris Hilton is NOT a good role model.
And your dog will end up with a tell-all book ghost-written by MeFi's Own dong resin...
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Can I help it if my dog's a lush?

I was just thinkin' maybe there's a good place with a nice dog-friendly patio, really. It's a beach town, after all...
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Roberto's? Is that the place that has the awesome tortas? If so, enjoy a torta for me.
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I am picturing your dog as a hound-dog mutt. Amirite?
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My lushy puppy.
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Well, Bazaar Del Mundo has radically changed, and Casa de Pico and Casa de Bandini have either moved or closed. Guadalajara Grill is in kind of the same area (Old Town, duh) and they make a pretty decent margarita. They have outdoor seating, but I don't know about puppy-friendliness. Are you limited to a certain section of San Diego, or are you pretty free-roaming?
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Free roaming. My mom's in N County, dad's in N Park & I'll be in Coronado a bit too.

So nobody wants a margarita? Maybe I didn't word this post right... I was tired last night.
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Maybe I didn't word this post right.

Come see miss lynnster's drunken puppies!
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Please. I am highly margarita-compliant. I haven't gone out specifically for margaritas since Bazaar del Mundo was refranchised, so I'm a little out of practice myself.

You're correct that you didn't word the post right, though. Its quieres. /pedant
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I'm down; when & where? Yes say the word, Miss.
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There is a very lively place in Hillcrest called Baja Betty's. Very lively. Wide choice of rita's too.
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Damn it. Why does all the cool stuff happen on the coasts?

It's probably for the best though; if Zoe met my dogs, she'd stay out way too late partying, and would likely end up developing a taste for cheap bourbon. Better that she just stays your little princess.
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Coincidentally, I had a margarita at Guadalajara Grill about 3 weeks ago. It was nothing to write home about. I do miss Casa de Bandini.

The last decent drink I had in San Diego was at Mr Tiki's on 5th Avenue downtown. It's a little noisy but might be meetupable.
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Well, I'd love to actually be there if possible; san diego isn't the happenin spot for meetups and the few we do have I always miss.

That said, I don't know of a great spot. The changes LionIndex mentioned have pretty much ruined any suggestions I would have made in the past. A few places would come to mind but they aren't dog friendly I imagine.

Ooooh, perhaps whatever fine establishment we patronize can be convinced of the usefulness of your hound. This dog, it sees? Perhaps, not totally blind, vision impaired one could be convinced you were? I see this plan falling into place splendidly.
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I don't know much about margaritas specifically, but I live in North Park and frequent the local (amazing) restaurants and bars. I won't be available Saturday night, but I'd be up for hanging out pretty much any other time!
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I might be able to come. I'm not terribly familiar with the local establishments, alas. Tiki's has fantastic drinks. It's been our Christmas Eve meet-up point for the last several years.

Guadalajara Grill... is that where we tore it up for the last S.D. meet-up? *Waves at LionIndex*
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You guys should meet here.
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Guadalajara Grill... is that where we tore it up for the last S.D. meet-up? *Waves at LionIndex*


No, that was La Pinata, which is...oh...50 feet away from Guadalajara Grill. I haven't tried their margaritas, and I'm actually not sure if they have a full liquor license.
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Hey cobra_..., we live pretty close to each other. I go to Bluefoot way too much. I'm across the street from Morely field on Upas.
So, is there a gathering or what; I missed the last meet up.
Oh, I renominate Baja Betty's. You won't catch teh ghey, trust me. I haven't
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I'd love to meet you and your pup. Gotta check with wifey to see what's going on, so I'll be checking back in here.

To all: Was Casa de Bandini the place with the mariachi stage? I was there not too long ago for "Cadillacs" and they kicked ass. So sad if it's gone/changed.

Does the miss mind really cute but incredibly talkative children?
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thekorruptor: haha! I've probably seen you in Bluefoot, then. I spend way too much time/money at that place, but then again, Dana takes good care of us.

I'm a few blocks away on 32nd, but my friends and I hang out in Bird Park excessively on the weekends/holidays. Grilled out by the Linkery staff on the 4th!

Anyway, do you know anything about this Gaslamp Killer event at BF this Friday? There's regrettably little information about that phrase not blocked by my work proxy right now
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Funny, Cobra... maybe we should take this to email. I was hanging @ bird park on the 4th too. Saw the Linkery there.
I'm not sure 'bout Friday; I've met the owners and been meaning to call them anyway, so I'll check it out. But it looks like Friday me may be downtown for me & my girl.
Dana made me a couple last night as I was watching Argentina beat up on Mexico.
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Hmm. I go to Bird Park for lunch sometimes with a co-worker who lives across the street from the Park on Upas.

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If I could fall
Into the sky
Do you think time
Would pass me by
'Cause you know I'd walk
A thousand miles
If I could
Just see you
Tonight this weekend/early next week
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Damn, there's at least 3 of us in the hood. Let's just meet at Bluefoot after the Ray Street Art walk on Sat. It's always happen that night. Should make for some interesting pics too.
/attempted-meetup coup

where is that Miss who started this thing?
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moira : Puppy!

When dealing with dachshund/ terrier mixes, I believe the proscribed number of exclamation points must not be less than two, so really it would be;


This of course can be mitigated by using all uppercase letters;


But any combination of the two is overkill, and really only appropriately used on chihuahuas wearing clothing, or pugs dressed as bees.
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Can you cite your sources for the alleged existence of pugs dressed as bees?
posted by moira at 4:49 PM on July 12, 2007

Ambrosia Voyeur, is that something I'd have to have an urban dictionary to understand?
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While I only have had limited exposure to existence of of said bumblebee canines or "bee dogs", I have it seen photographic evidence which is quite compelling.
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Ambrosia just HAIMBURGLED US! No way!!!!! You totally got me.
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Well I'm trying to finish up work (ugh) before I get in the car. So I'm probably not driving down until Saturday at this point. Too much going on. I really wish I could just blink my eyes and be there. I hate that drive SO MUCH.

Any way we could do it Sunday or early in the week? I'm just afraid I'll be on the road Sat.
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BTW, what they've done to Old Town breaks my heart so I definitely hear what you're all saying. I grew up hanging out in Bazaar del Mundo. I spent many an evening at Casa de Pico & I loved Casa de Bandini. And I still long for the mushroom burger at Hamburguesa... it was sooo good.

They moved some of the Bazaar del Mundo shops about 5 blocks away... are they still there?
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I'm pretty open for any time. My husband might come, if we can get a babysitter.

I never knew Old Town any other way. Looks like I missed out.
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"photographic evidence which is quite compelling."

Oh god.
posted by moira at 5:36 PM on July 12, 2007

The shops are still in the building adjcent to Guadalajara Grill, which I think is also a former Bazaar del Mundo property. Casa de Pico moved out to Grossmont Center in La Mesa and is doing well there, but it's a bit of a trek to get out there.

I would rather do something on Sunday or Monday myself. Tio Leo's is also in the general Old Town area, but I don't know how good their ritas are.

Other pug evidence: the infamous Beedogs.
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Yeah, I've only been here for a couple of years, so Old Town has never really been the place I've wanted to really hang out. I mean, unless we're in the mood for meeting some people from Indiana.

I don't think I'm gonna be able to make it to Bluefoot on Saturday (already committed to a huge event involving the girlfriend's family), but it sounds like we have enough 92104 in here to pull together a BlueFi sometime
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Old Town is touristy as hell, but there's still some goodness there, even without the Casas Pico and Bandini. Harney Sushi is pretty good, Old Town Mexican Cafe still makes tortillas by hand (although the last time I went there I noticed a significant drop in the quality of food), the Whaley House is still haunted, and you can still drive over some poor dude's grave at Campo Santo. That's all I ever go there for, though.
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I did go to OTM Cafe last time I was there. It seemed kinda the same, so that felt good.

Sooooo, what's the consensus here. Is there one?
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Looks like Sunday or Monday are in favor, and that it's a choice between Guadalajara Grill (decent margaritas, outdoor seating), Baja Betty's (very lively, wide range of margaritas, very lively), and Mr. Tiki's (generally fantastic drinks, margarita quality unknown, very long straws).

Weren't there a couple of people who were really disappointed to not make it before? Maybe I'll dig up who it was and email them. We could go for a record of four people!

(Also, I'm in North County, so I wouldn't mind doing something up this way.)
posted by moira at 9:37 PM on July 12, 2007

Emails sent.

Pics from the last meet-up.
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I may show. I only skimmed the above comments, and I'm being really lazy, I know, but has anyone mentioned McP's in Coronado? They have a dog friendly patio with full food service and a bar right near it...

Can't vouch for their margaritas, but their food is quite decent.

In fact I would love to show. I have a friend in town that weekend, so it depends on what he's up for, too. I'll know more once the day and place is decided...

(Moira, thanks for the email! )
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As my attempted coup has failed I through myself on the merciful miss lynster.
For me Monday is best as I have dinner plans on Sunday.
And yes, Cobra, we'll do a BlueFi!
To any NorthParkers; I'll be doing a BBQ before the Art Walk on Sat, then to Bluefoot.
Also, Moria, I'm going to the Racetrack for opening Day next Wednesday.
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Well, Sunday or Monday is good for me. I don't care where really, I'll be going back & forth between North Park & Encinitas mostly.
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Alright, let's at least nail down a time: Monday. 7pm. Objections? Maybe a little later for people who have to drive some distance?
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That sounds good to me. Where?
posted by thekorruptor at 10:19 AM on July 13, 2007

Good for me, too, though I will probably be somewhat late. I wouldn't want to make it too late for everybody else just because I live further away.

I'm a decision-making wuss, and shall put myself in your much more capable-when-it-comes-to-decision-making-for-social-gatherings hands.
posted by moira at 12:06 PM on July 13, 2007

For whatever it's worth, I'll also be in SD this weekend for my lil' surfing safari. I'll be headed back to the desert by Sunday afternoon, though.
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I should be able to make that, but you guys can pick the location. I'm pretty much margarignorant, so my input won't be of much use
posted by cobra_high_tigers at 2:17 PM on July 13, 2007

'alo? So, are we just hung up on location?

Thekorrupter: alas, I'm not going to be able to be there Wednesday. Sorry to miss it, though. Never been to the opening day.
posted by moira at 12:01 PM on July 14, 2007

I just remembered Fidel's in Solana Beach. A little bit of a trek for us people in the metro area, but it's one of the classic Mexican places in SD. The margaritas were acceptable the last time I went there, but that was a couple years ago. Probably not lush puppy friendly.
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So what's the story? Is this still on?
posted by cobra_high_tigers at 8:34 AM on July 16, 2007

It's not looking too promising at this point, is it?
posted by moira at 12:31 PM on July 16, 2007

ah well.
yeah, moira, opening day is a blast, you should check it out one year.
posted by thekorruptor at 3:07 PM on July 16, 2007

Yeah, I just got a free baseball ticket, so I won't be there. We'll set something up some other time, and start with a definite place and time from the start.
posted by LionIndex at 4:08 PM on July 16, 2007

One of my first dates with my girlfriend was the Friday after opening day a year ago (and the free Flaming Lips concert after!), so we're gonna be there on Wednesday too. I think we'll be a little... distracted to hang out, but I'm sure I can at least fit in an astronomically expensive beer with you guys in one of the breaks between the races. Maybe we can sketch out some plans for a BlueFi pretty soon. There was just too much interest in a SD meetup to not do one pretty soon, one way or another
posted by cobra_high_tigers at 4:09 PM on July 16, 2007

Sure, but just about no one seems to be able to follow the thread after it leaves the front page, which is a problem because it seems to take that long for us to figure out what we're going to do. Last time, there were a whole bunch of people who wanted to come to a SD meetup, but once we figured the when/where and posted it to the front page, all those people suddenly couldn't make it, in many cases because it was short notice--when we'd been talking about meeting the whole time, but they just weren't paying attention. Ah, well.
posted by LionIndex at 7:32 AM on July 17, 2007

Well geez. I lost all internet access for a bit and then my mom kinda took over my attention. So now it's the next Saturday and I'm still in San Diego. But I don't want to take up another front page MeTa. Soooo I guess a meetup ain't happening. :(
posted by miss lynnster at 8:43 AM on July 21, 2007

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