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I distinctly remember reading a thread in AskMe a few weeks (?) ago, where someone was asking, in a nutshell, 'how do I get sent to Iraq as a defense contractor?' It might not have been that, exactly, but it related to jobs as a defense contractor, or maybe overseas jobs in general, or maybe just 'dangerous jobs.' I think it specifically mentioned the idea of defense contracting (Blackwater, etc.), and the question related to how one gets their foot in the door. I can't find this, using any combination of searches or tags, looking under all the logical terms (jobs, employment, iraq, all combinations thereof). Does anyone else remember or have a link to this thread? Or did I just totally hallucinate it?
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There was recently a thread in which someone asked if thier friend who was a contractor in Iraq was being paid fairly (concensus was, no I believe). Is that the thread you were thinking of?
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There was one where someone wanted to get into a specific camp as a contractor ... it was somewhere in Africa that was a launching base for Iraq.
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I think (hope) the one Geoff is thinking of is the one I remember.

The ones suggested by blaneyphoto and MarvinTheCat are both also definitely related, but they're not the one I was thinking of. (Thanks though, both of you.) The question I remember was definitely a "how do I get a job doing..." and not a "how much should I get paid for..." type question.

I feel like we're getting closer though. Anyone else remember the same thing?
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It was Djibouti. I found it by remembering that the person wanted the job so they could be with their boyfriend.
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Wow - that was my post. Still working on it too... Kadin2048, my email's in my profile if you have questions.
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Added an employment tag.
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Awesome -- thanks, everyone!
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