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Searching for a post from a while ago (one year? two?) that was a list taken from a bathroom wall consisting of suggestions from sound-guys to band members. It was very snarky and brilliant. I've spent hours searching and have found nothing. I need it. bad.
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Was it this?
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Was it specifically focused on the sound-guys and band members -- or, was it part of a broader batroom grafitti post. I recall these two - 1, 2.
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Yes! Yay! Thanks.
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I'd say goodnewsfortheinsane for the win.
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So how did the 1 condenser mic setup work out, B_B? :)
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That was directed at gnfti. But I also appreciate your hard work and dedication, ericb. Woot!
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Hey yeah it actually worked out ok. Total epic fail if the room is smaller than about 1000 sq. ft, though. The feed-back eliminators go batty and pretty much cut out all sound. We use the condenser outside and in large spaces, and have figured out how to play really really loudly and shout for smaller spaces.
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Sweet. Yeah it sucks for smaller rooms - I host the open mic at my local and there, condenser mics are hell.
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It's funny - I need this list because I feel like it's a little validating... our guitarist thinks that it's his job to tell hilarious stories and pump merch between the songs, and I always want to punch him. But I don't, because - you know, I love him.

I'm trying to get it across to him that the audience is there to hear music, not to hear him blather on about stupid crap and our album - in my perfect gig world we'd get up on stage, say, "Helloooo Mt. Pleasant! We're Who Hit John!" rock the shit, say "Thank you! Gooood night!" and start drinking. Never seems to happen that way.

Maybe this article will help him understand. I dunno what else to do.
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Good luck!
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