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Just a follow-up to the now-defunct Christmas song thread...just wanted to thank my fellow MeFi-ers for providing an invaluable service. My husband was assigned the task at work to compile a Christmas song CD to give away at the office party, preferably some "unusual, or out of the ordinary" stuff. When he came home and whined about this assignment, I assured him, no worries! Ran to MeFi, found the Xmas song thread, and was able to provide him with more suggestions than he could fit in a wav format on a CD.

So thanks, all, for your great Christmas song recommendations! And happy holidays to all!
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I must resist the urge to redress balance and instead smile politely!
posted by holloway at 4:14 PM on December 6, 2001

Apropos of nothing, Oriole, I just wanted to tell you how much I like your name. I've known a few Robins and Robyns in my time, read of Wrens, and then there is this scene in Richard Farina's Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me, where the hero visits the family of a thinly disguised Pete Seeger and all the daughters have bird names, including an Oriole. You're the first I've run across in either real or virtual space.

I've made it a study to learn the name sof all the birds I see and know their songs when I hear them. I'm nowhere near my goal but the one of my favorites is the smallest member of the Corvidae, these tiny little gray birds that peep and flutter in flocks from bush to bush and hence the name--which I hope will never be given to anyone's daughter--bushtit.

I'm glad to see this place be of positive material use to anyone. I know it has been to me.
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I hope he was able to work some Stan Freeberg into the mix. Christmas just isn't Christmas without Stan Freeberg. =)
posted by ZachsMind at 1:52 AM on December 7, 2001

Sorry to do this on MeTa, Oriole, what do you mean be defunct? Was it busted by the Man for some reason? I didn't see this, I'd like to -- can you point me to the thread?
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