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Cortex restarted genefilter. It's in beta but still good. Forgive me if this has already been mentioned.
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What happened to majcher? a language can't you read?
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...If all goes well and he does make it live for all user accounts, I'm definitely not going to sit there plugging various names in, over and over. Noooo sirree.

(I love how you get these coherent segments, whole sentences, or half sentences, sometimes... but then you read the next word and they dissolve back into the mix.)
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Trying to talk to METATALK please
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All those unclosed parentheses are messing with my head a little, though.

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I'm flattered that I was one of the subjects. (And a bit scared.)
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wow astro zombie 3 really stays in character given how consistent the word space seems to be.
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Have you considered a fulfilling career as a Lisp programmer?
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Virtual Ethereal Bligh's comments are far too laconic.
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"Based on what, exactly? The historic success we've had thus far with rebuilding nations, or the Saudi family doesn't paint George Bush 41 was voted out of 10 centuries of neglect and destruction was spent creating bombs and bomb-making materials found. And the proof in the year 1400, or even Blanc Chateau.
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This is shockingly realistic.
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RichardP beat me to it. After seeing a suitably pithy line and a half "from" quonsar, I looked to EB for the verbose output.
Two lines? Some mistake surely? I think it needs a tweak.
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Markov-jonmc, on hipsters:

Hipsters are as human beings instead of pissing and moaning, we gotta dig all of them.

Hipsters make me an "apologies, internal error" message upon launch. Why yes!

Hipsters make me wanna park myself in excitement.

Hipsters make me give that bj. Shouldn't cost much for me after a meetup.

Hipsters make me glad I live my life working an overnight shift as a Pabst Blue Ribbon and slappin' the shit sandwich in a free-society with the French.
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This thing doesn't really work. How do I know that? Markov-delmoi's comment contains no misspellings.
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(metatalk would be "IE 5 for windows only." It wouldn't be quite popular these days. Sometimes I post things like visit prostitutes. Who gets hurt or property gets damaged, the police have yet another browser? (for the third book from the KottkeKam?
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In no known or unknown alternate universe have I ever uttered or writ "Wal-Mart is a damn good thing."

I'm a little creeped out. Re-reading my own shit all mashed up like that is like hearing yourself for the first time on Hell's own answering machine. It's a bit disturbing, really. Besides the faux-syntax, the Burroughsian cut-up technique is... illuminating. Thankfully I like being creeped out and disturbed. And illuminated.
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Apostrophe abuse is a paramilitary and recruiting organization. From the kewpie dolls of the textiles industry, as we chatter meaninglessly here in Los Angeles, supposedly a freedom-loving wacky melting pot of weirdness and creativity. Why would it draw more power, C_D? *up late toggling between NASA TV, ESA and NASA/JPL sites.* Ooh, NASA TV for replays already. MayorCurley for the "brown note". Having worked in offices and campuses both small and watched the walrus video. Ew. And woah, but ew.
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Bizarre. I'm having fitted. All baby bottoms. Terribly expensive, but so far deep into the nearest wall, and it drives me fucking crazy. What? No Albino Giantess Australopithecus Afarensis Olympic Curling Sports Medicine and Training Nurse?
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Unimpressive defacement, as well. If any given burger joint in Hollywood? I've seen since the lethal dose in the scenes? What is amazing to see. Come to daddy's fat headphones, my little yellow wading boots!
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Grimley: hehe, I'll have you groping in the interest of liberal-progressives to behave like bad sex, stale tofu and cheap and chrome tesseract generator thoughtfully* Thanks, rushmc. It was built almost 20 years ago. They're pretty damn anti-car. I like being able to at least wear a ring of police-type persons in the first flatland ollies were called - this being the A-1 extra good shit when it beans you in advance. I skimmed it and isolate it from two houses away because of Hurricane Dennis - which isn't due for release on the old media just doesn't get at all. Huge amounts of litter everywhere - in drifts near shopping centers, our big box stores, our imported designer furniture megawarehouses and they might as well stay home and hearth, but in your pocket, with a wiimote and your fellows.
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Humanity - especially any system - especially The Whisky A-Go Go. I've had to stick to whatever I find but I experience this strangely irrational annoyance when people don't post stuff here! *thwap* Re: Napolean Dynomite: I laughed my ass later when he got pulled over and verbally harassed for about the fact I'm able to imagine all sorts big and particularly faulty Li-I or NiMH battery in a microwave. Get thine own bad self over it by one minute, and thus I am safe. "What's the point that it kept happening as I do wholeheartedly mean is for SCIENCE! Metafilter: About a quart low, I'd say.
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What the fuck is wrong with me? I knew I was kind of crazy, but what the fuck!? Come to daddy's fat headphones, my little yellow wading boots!
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I wish I actually had written this:
I rode for a "camping" experience deserves the label "more money than it sounds.) She didn't have ignition locks. The idea was that it usually vents to the utmost of my neighborhood are still a viable third party. That one party has been right there fucking things up for her.
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This, however is just so wrong:
And Cheney has been conditioning workers to underthink and overreact for as long as Big Oil is in force on a world would certainly be expected to risk something of a one-word, all-English expression. Such exhortations only create adversarial relationships; Here's another penguin that has "seen" a lot in Minnesota? Smedlyman, I think there's some exposition on the premise that he could speak English well enough to be sure the tag gets on the poorer boat owner, perhaps that was taken apart at its location in Southeastern China, then put back together in Peabody. I'm put in a while, be advised that the rest is O2.
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One run, unedited except for line breaks:

The Smiths made a lesbian
got to get my bullshit-detector recalibrated.

I should support reproductive freedom strongly,
which I obviously failed to be Popeye the Sailor Bunny
with problem flatulence.

The Cattanooga Cats unleashed "My Birthday Suit"
on an online Yiddish dictionary
and calling for sanctions and punishment, even.

Where are you doing in inscrutable Russians?
Hunting for borscht.
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"Hipsters make me give that bj. Shouldn't cost much for me after a meetup."

A-HA! I knew it!
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I had to hit jessamyn's link 4 times before I got one that didn't talk about porn. Absolutely hilarious. Hope it gets full functionality soon. Then I can really waste time.
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It's literary Op Art.
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Oh my word, I'm crazy.
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miguel cardoso as my wife, but my favourite films if only because it's, well, true... On the same, but neither was successful.
There was thought to read?" Needless to say "tears fell from his hometown of Bournemouth. I've googled and all you have enemies.
'Cept more and more, as you go again... Ease up on jellied eels, whelks and skate and ray could never be disbanded? Well, fromage-factor me dead! European Canadian-lovers alert, for all we have won; have always won; will keep on winning and that the similarity was all about cheek, chutzpah, nerve.
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Come back, Migs! All is forgiven!
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Wow, it makes me sounds even less intelligible and more obnoxious. Kudos!
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didja hear the roaring guitar chords in my pants, really? impeccable technique will be reflected in the grand opening of

aawwwww yeah...!
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I like wendell's

Let's emit x-rated irate pedantic half-assed non-sequiturs in commentary, if Socrates minds. Hugs? Unseemly. Group Shout-outs!
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dress me like an audio anil dash, you people and your location bar. and they have serious tech journalism turn into mumbo-jumbo spouting jetson cartoon "cybernauts" when you capitalize the q????? your always humble q disavows any association with civil unions, any antiwar stance makes him all culturally anathema in the presence of a serious disconnect with reality here... Lewd acts?
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I think I could refresh Astro Zombie 3 all day.
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puke & cry, you cotton-pickin' gun-jumper!

That code is pretty much frozen, and will stay around indefinitely as such so links shouldn't break, but the live db-driven version is coming along nicely and is somewhere around v0.95 at the moment. New stuff in the works:

- Full user support (the biggie);
- Comment support across all subsites, not just the blue
- Slightly smarter parsing (trying to avoid considering large quoted sections, enthusiastic if slightly idiosyncratic inclusion of original linebreaks and markup, etc)

I'd also love to make the keyword work for generation anywhere within the comment, but that has some memory-footprint implications that are non-trivial. This thing has to slough through a fair amount of data as it is; with it live against the server, I'd hate to have it knock anything over.
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you cotton-pickin' gun-jumper! ...the live db-driven version is coming along nicely and is somewhere around v0.95 at the moment. New stuff in the works

So just make another MeTa post when it launches. There's no such thing as too many Genefilter/MarkovFilter posts. (You really should make MarkovFilter one word. Tradition and all that.)

(Like the Commish, I could refresh Astro Zombie 3 all day.)
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It gas taken Astro Zombie 3's beautiful words and made a TRAVESTY of them.
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(You really should make MarkovFilter one word. Tradition and all that.)

Oh! Ha! It is and has been, actually; I stuck a space into that bit of html as a sanity/versioning test at one point and apparently forgot to remove it. Fixed now.
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I'm like the Pete Best of the Astro Zombies.
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christian Hair Metal? Is that what courts do now? SHE'A AN ENIAC, ENIAC ON THE FREEWAY?

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Robocop Is Bleeding on his origins:

Seriously, though, it would completely change someone’s life for the cool Animated Series Freeze, not the person who came to a disaster down the carpeted hallway. Grendel sorts shoes, too.

Robocop was an invention of Tom Waits!

Hey look! They published my letter! This reads like the setting to my plight.

I never suspected.
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What's the "user number" box for? I tried entering my own, but Astro Zombie 3 kept talking about narf and brains.

(also, I just realized my usernumber contains '420'. DUUUDE.)
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On the demo version y'all are playing with, the usernumber field just lets you type in a usernumber for one of the folks listed below. It was a stepping stone to full user support -- I should probably nix it from that form, actually.
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Cortex, quit playing with your sock puppets.
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I realise this will get old soon, but I summoned a comment from pretty_generic and it contained this phrase: probably because I haven't had sex in... a woman". Unedited by me, the ellipsis was there just like that. Too perfect.
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On the demo version y'all are playing with, the usernumber field just lets you type in a usernumber for one of the folks listed below. It was a stepping stone to full user support -- I should probably nix it from that form, actually.

Ah, there goes my theory that the mods are surreptitiously engaging in identity theft.
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Wow, it's like he's actually here, posting:

"Terrorists are criminals. Accordingly, they should NEVER give the media should we use? The French, in general, diverges significantly from that of public school since 1981, but the whirlpoor is neigh... De Villepin: scum on Iraq; scum within France.

What's with the Clichy riots and the noaa image isn't clear enough to tell anyone else is."
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"That he was the Scorpions back in school, I thought one of maybe 15 bands from that Mel Brooks movie. I think heavy-metal fans are retarded." So, yeah if you're fantasizing about bopping huge boobs around like this? It's "gaffe," dude.

You gaffer, you. I understand.

They better not have the discussion uninvited is inappropriate and quite frankly we've had posts about any of those sentences and more heterosexuals have had on it's own, regardless of politics."

"For a minute that you chose to take me to take one of your most intimate body part just another guy. To use something from anyway. comparable perhaps to a nicer guy. I don't update at least gotten a band who made that happen. Sadly. Chasing Amy is the uncoolest thing in a drug-infested area: dealers fighting over territory, users commiting theft, burglary and the real purpose of being lumped in with those I differ with us, just makes pro-choice people seem to have made the prissier elements of a rational and morally justifiable action. I don't like, but tell me somebody's going to end his life without parole. "

I gotta adjust my meds.
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Virtual Ethereal Bligh's comments are far too laconic.

And too brief! His responses should all be in the form of five-paragraph essays.
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Effigy2000, they're sort of writing into a sure million bucks. But not good enough. (I'm still impressed that the only actually new news here that I should think from now (there is, in terms of development, but, er, I'm being a real-life female KAYCEE CAN YA HEAR ME! The whole rambling "I made this font fun!" lay typography. People are being killed; families, towns, cultures are being intentionally reimagined, differentiated from their source material.

I mean, that's great stuff. You could get a book—hell, entire new fields of academic study—out of that. "People are being killed; families, towns, cultures are being intentionally reimagined, differentiated from their source material": I could pass that off as Your Second-Favorite Trendy French Philosophe Du Jour and nobody would bat an eye.

Virtual Ethereal Bligh's comments are far too laconic.
And too brief!

Good one! Uh, that was a joke, wasn't it?
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They should be longer, as well.
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Well, if "democratizing" means "not supporting the Yucca Mountain project. Oh wait. The Problem of Nuclear Waste, for kids:

Well, TNR is a cartoon?

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This one generated for Gnostic Novelist is spot on:

Ron Paul, I don't have any grounding whatsoever in the face of the American one). People get excessive sentences for tax resistance, and sometimes sex offenders get probation. Sometimes drug users get security clearances?

Correction, the last time you discussed something with people they elect. .I wish I knew the language so I MUST beat them" seems irrational. Yikes: writer should be around, because there are "less regulation of everything that Bush does, because Bush is never going to ever sit in a future thread.
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His "sub-group" is the mother of all the sugary soda tweakers like to kill many people you don't eat it. Earlier today I could see problems with gay people? If the competitors could make it a firm can be arrested with those specs for less then the wiki? Wikipedia attracts experts for the hell are you really don't see this happen with the bible.

I know I've seen stewart try to control what their opponents say, whereas mainstream media just passes along lies with no choice but to water intoxication. Correct me if I'm neither Venezuelan, nor American. Really?

Because my main problem I have only a small (hypothetical) price to pay hundreds of hours, of taped conversations, through an IBM mainframe supercomputer, which spat out a new city that I said, "getting pregnant and hanging chads, and bureaucrat divining the intent of the blue line are not starving to death each day.
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Just out of curiosity, cortex: Do you try to remove quoted text from the input? It seems like it might be a good idea to strip out anything block quoted, or italicized segments of text. Not that I don't think the comments that are coming up for me seem off, which is in and of itself somewhat disturbing :P
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Not in the demo linked here, no, but I am doing a pass in the production code I'm working on. The current fast-and-cheap method is a cull based on matches for lines that either begin with <i> or <em>, or which end with </i> or </em>. It's not perfect—it'll fail to cut the internal paragraphs of a 3+ paragraph quote, as well as the first paragraph of something using metafilthy or whatever for fancy quotes and such—but it seems to have improved the situation considerably.

The new code leaves in html, too, so what does survive tends to be marked up in a way that makes it more obvious when surviving quotes show up, though given the Markov model's complete lack of context that gets fairly eccentric at times. Heh.
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Hey, it's like a thomcatspike comment generator!
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Virtual Cortex: since Matt hasn't yet created a BOOBIES tag for posts, we're still doing okay in my mouth.
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The chicken was all raw and even some leading conservatives, in unguarded moments, pooh-pooh. Alterman quotes James Baker, Pat Buchanan down there and have bad drunken unprotected sex. it's also a family name, which is pro-Saddam Hussein. They would live in America, the wappa-wappa-wappa is deafening.
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What would happen if five cars with giant handpainted "Abortion Is Murder", "Stop Killing Babies," "America: Love It or Leave It", and "Homosexuality is a deal-breaker - literally:The lawyers' committee has documented at least a dozen cases in which Mr. Bush was caught on videotape last July using a common English word.

Especially since to use public funds to provide a means for executives to hurt people they are exposed for what a Legoland house was.
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I clicked on miguelcardoso and plugged in "cognac" and got:

splurge, splutter,! "But I could always make a right" objection implied by stavrosthewonderchicken's lucid statement, for the great, practical, for-dummies link! Although I suspect were heavily adapted for the American announcer's spectacularly off-centre pronunciation and solemnity.
Yelling At Nothing: you shame me. How could anyone disagree?
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Don't look at me. I don't even work here.
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Sorry about the gun-jumpin, cortex. Blame wendell, he mentioned it on irc last night :)
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Can I get some technical details on the implementation? I'd love to try this with a vbulletin board I'm on.
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also, wow did PP grind an axe- Bush, Iraq, Neocons, Republicans, Bush, War, War, Limbaugh. He really had nothing else to say.
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empath: I started with the code here, which works well but is slow against larger data sets. I trimmed out the frequency count side, which helped tremendously, but other than that the underlying model has remained the same.

The basic model is a really slim, elegant piece of work; any language that supports hashes will accommodate it in about twenty or thirty lines (or about four lines of Perl if you're a real son of a bitch about it); consequently, you can probably find a half a dozen working examples in the language of your choice.

I've written these from scratch a couple times previously, so if you want to talk turkey about impl. details or logic, drop me a line.
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2) bevets is a vast improvement. I like the holocaust, only with a Bacon number of Democrat-leaning Florida counties haven't counted absentee or provisional ballots yet.

Can someone back this up? Niahmas - when a video for it, which is in fact have casualties, no doubt in my chest are encoded with "WE 0WN YOU SUXXOR".

cough No more blood for oil, we got our own movie than ever before.

And I disagree with Ryvar - I stopped watching half-way.
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Hey cortex, another cool feature would be to allow people to rate the results they get, based on weirdness or interestingness or whatever. You might get some useful information out of that.
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Hey! The favorites don't work. What gives??

Actually, that could be a cool way to "save" Markovations. But probably not worth the storage cost.
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$80, and I've seen represented. If you'd like, I would be surprised if there weren't miracles yet coming in our gayborhood. They are always happy to be true, then I'm not outraged." Well, that was "against the rules" — like ripping a knot to unwrap it, and calling the two gentlemen had asked for identification.

Language was used in Bayesian inference.
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...Unless both of which the district court in either animals or humans is irrelevant I most strongly disagree. Much of the problem, for TV and "confessed" should be mandatory for murder and rape cases. Murder's just not the fault of the right-wing crazies who are dropping Windows because the network of T-Mobile, a rival to AT&T... Last fall, the Librarian of Congress was such a miserable experience for so many.
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Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Realplayer. DRM, DRM, über alles! *pours some OJ on the way; here, perhaps?

Would this treatment be difficult to discuss, if only you had a cause, it would interfere with every aspect of your jackboots! I saw Beijing. Among his collected works, in the form of bootlegged porn.
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Absurdia, I love thee.
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Alton Brown is great, but his record belies his fascist, cronyist, theocratic ideals.
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Alton Brown '08!
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I dunno, shot her with a pointed stick, but if it were not crushed by toppling basalt with his grandparents, with little chance to restore my hp. I thought they meant "Beautiful Goddess" or some such. In reality, they spelled out "Insert General Gao's Here." is a walking lump of material at the gym* and while speaking to the neighborhood. Kinda like the weird lady that lived just at the Harvard Depository (a big collection of Raiders of the front row for one of you lucky folks could not get any preferential treatment.
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Wow, this is going to make my lipstick-scrawled screeds in the men's room of the local KFC so much easier!

When the cops come to drag me away, I'll look calmly into their eyes and say, "Mine, I say! I hope they got what they have moved from information vessels to shelf decoration. I look forward to what really matters, such as Pedro's filing for free to make sure I mention the many contributions that the fight itself was mainly an act of rebellion. All you need a Bud Light 'Real Men of Genius' ad all your circle route, Why, single rocks in orbits, most remarkable like you; An' if sometimes our orbit isn't all your own."
posted by robocop is bleeding at 4:02 PM on September 9, 2007

Is 'vagina' suitable for use in everyday life wouldn't exist without it. It's not like that with a jarring ferocity that seemed tolerable to her son, who often heard the name Daimler-Mercedes" ... Look, I like the title as inappropriate, if theologically sound.
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He's in LA, I think. Brave woman is a bad band. Or a man beating a woman were being knifed to death in the depths of goonland so much shit about codpieces, although I've been sporadically searching for Davidson's Adventures in Unhistory, collected, since I saw god!
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The original, complete work isn't a bad conflation of systems. And Lily Taylor. Only if you like, but don't presume that I should not purposefully deploy comic sans, and it's a difference between fantasy and reality; who recognize the odds with US idiom—"starlet" for "young star" rather than as a hobby. But I like games.
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I think markov-cortex is trying to tell us something about the old markov generator.

Also, he's clearly threatening us with comic sans. And he thinks it's all just a game!

Markov-cortex is clearly the one.
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Actually, that could be a cool way to "save" Markovations. But probably not worth the storage cost.

Ha! That'd be a cute way to deal with it, actually. Just have a Favorites page that shows a running selection of comments. My only reservation s that the ephemeral nature of the generated comments is part of the charm—so I think it'd be better as palimpsest than a true archive, just the last 100 favorited comments overwriting itself again and again.

(I've had some perverse thoughts about generating entire markov threads, with one comment replying to another, complete with quotations and comment generation prompted by keywords and usernames. But that's a much bigger project that I just should really not think about for now.)
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No, we don't. George_Spiggott Thus far we've learned that bevets speaks for all christians, and speaks in parables. There can be replicated, form best-fit theories and then Atheism finished the job with abiogenesis.

You've been a perfectly good word for that for a community to have it both ways, to eat their cake and have it.

When talking to a quivering mass of nervous responses and drooling non-personhood, they'll give me the grape flavored tube goop.

I like grape flavor. Saydur I can look at a very smooth, graceful and elegant way to concepts in Darwinism.
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And this is how we find out who the "cool kids" are....
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Just to explain it to Level 9, but I discovered a completely OT recommendation: anyone with some real-world experience. People are so "cleverly" framed it's not the measure of all these words, and some group lobbed rockets at you getting that? My experience (and the Koran!) declare the earth is square, and that other people don't dance to epic recitations, judging from the NY Press. As he traveled again through the changes, they weren't innocent), but by that nasty Stalin—he started the policy of brutal warfare with them.
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I should have known: languagehat is a Scientologist!
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My godmother lived to 94 and never dropped her cig or her Bible ONCE! At the exact moment I could be your sister. Uh oh. Second link is the hottest 70 year old blind woman.
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. . .
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I should have known: languagehat is a Scientologist!

A=A=A=A. Your reactive mind is leading you into a pit of alter-isness. Obnosis, my friend. You are coming off as a suppressive person.

*marks nasreddin down for rehabilitation*
posted by languagehat at 6:15 AM on September 10, 2007


Shit, languagehat isn't a Scientologist at all; he's a cryptorecursobjectivist!
posted by cortex (staff) at 6:28 AM on September 10, 2007

Thanks for including me. I didn't click on this originally. I just made an Eeyore voice in my head say "These type of things never include me" and then went on to something else. But I just checked it, and I am there! I am one of the cool kids now! Hooray! However for some reason all of my comments seem to mention Dolly Parton. I'm sorry, I mean: Completely appropriately, all of my comments seem to mention Dolly Parton. I mean, have you heard "Why'd You Come in Here Looking Like That?"? Really heard it? Life-changing.
posted by ND¢ at 7:20 AM on September 10, 2007

I really am serious. I don't know any hipster assholes, but I am walking to work surrounded by an asbestos issue. Beth Bernstein remembers her family simply referring to their beloved building as the "Thong Song").

THONG TH' THONG THONG THONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apparently IBM killed it.
posted by NDcent at 7:21 AM on September 10 [+] [!]
posted by ND¢ at 7:23 AM on September 10, 2007

Speaking of Dolly, how 'bout that wonderful quote of hers:

"It costs a lot of money to look this cheap!"

Also, I'm bummed I'm not one of the cool kids. But y'all go ahead and have fun.
posted by flapjax at midnite at 7:23 AM on September 10, 2007

/Eeyore voice
posted by ND¢ at 7:36 AM on September 10, 2007

Also, I'm bummed I'm not one of the cool kids.

The thing is, I grabbed a bunch of people from top of mind initially, and then skipped around the front page a bit more, and added a few people that other folks suggested and folks who asked to have themselves added in previous discussions, but it's a little bit of a pain to add people so I stopped doing it once I was working on the everyone-is-a-cool-kid db-driven production code.

So if you're not on the current list it's just because you're not (a) eye-bleedingly prolific or (b) famously idiosyncratic in speech or (c) a little bit infamous or (d) clever enough to have seen it earlier on and bugged me about it. Which of the people on the current demo list fall into which category is left as an exercise to the reader, but soon it won't matter:

I'm afraid production MarkovFilter will be quite operational when your friends arrive.
posted by cortex (staff) at 7:45 AM on September 10, 2007

Oh, great. So, since I didn't do (d), I have to try and figure out which of the other categories I fall into. They're all so sublime, it's tough.
posted by Kirth Gerson at 9:38 AM on September 10, 2007

With no keywords:
ThePinkSuperhero: Of the Big 3 (Paris, Britney, and Lindsay), Lindsay is the best!! There's a musical stuffs in a mall chain store. We were expecting something better!

I feel so enlightened!
posted by IndigoRain at 9:06 PM on September 10, 2007

You are now all officially cool kids.
posted by cortex (staff) at 1:41 PM on September 11, 2007

p.s. Superhuman powers. And practice. And I didn't write a comment, I'm going for it, even if some jackhole is going to do Volume 2 with total confidence in a robust, high-level party and so on wholly independent of the projected-and-recorded video, unless they're using a US address; the international shipping barrier may cut down on effectiveness.
posted by boo_radley at 2:22 PM on September 11, 2007

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