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Is there a shrink in the house? I'm just curious what your diagnosis would be for this: (1, 2). Does somebody need a time out?

But don't spout off about things you know little about, drenched with your typical know-nothing ignorant hatefulness of all things Christian, filled with stereotypes, and coopt perfectly well and widely understood terms like “liberal democracy” in the process. Fuck, this gets old. What you actually know about these topics wouldn't fill a Jack Chick tract.
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Dude, you spout nonsense and insult a large part of the world's population with your often hate-filled comments on Christianity. You deserve insults for it. It's not teaching you anything, alas, but on this topic I suspect nothing will. You're wedded to your bigotry. You wouldn't be complaining about someone insulting a homophobe who posts homophobic and notably uninformed comments on MeFi all the time. You'd applaud them. What is good for the goose is never good for the gander to you, you are incapable of recognizing the faults in yourself that are exactly the same as those you most often criticize. You mean well, but you're part of the problem, not the solution. You excuse transparently homophobic comments when they come in the guise of someone who is agreeing with your also inconsistent gleeful condemnation of a gay man. You compare consensual gay sex to sexual assault in that context without ever having a tiny bit of cognitive dissonance.

If I didn't agree with your politics, and if you weren't so mild-mannered in your affect, I'd hate your guts. I'd have no doubt that you were one of the people who are fucking up the world. It's just because of those two things, though, that I tend to overlook how imbalanced and small your informed-to-opionated ratio is, how inconsistent you are, how morally self-serving you are, how indiscriminately hateful and bigoted you can be, and how a large part of your worldview is dominated by hordes of scheming, evil enemies, just like the fundies you oppose. When I remember those things, or more accurately, when your comments remind me, then I get pissed off and I accuse you of those things to your face. That's not insulting you, that's simply speaking the truth. Learn the difference.
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Are these not personal attacks? What distinguishes them from personal attacks? Is it the mere absence of personally-directed profanity? Or are they just as weird and and inappropriate as the comments that got item a timeout?

Despite presenting this as a parody, I am genuinely curious why this behavior is okay while item's behavior is not.
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1) Jesus Christ, and
2) Give it a rest?
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I'm not a doctor, but I play one on TV.
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Oh um also I should point out that this has nothing to do with you personally, EB, just that I thought that your comments and item's were pretty similar in terms of the vitriol being expressed, etc, and that I would have chosen my own comments for this thread except I've probably already been timeoutted for them.
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I agree, run-on sentences should be banned.
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He's hot because he's Bligh
You ain't cause you're not.
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There's a huge difference between item's and EB's comments. Prolixity aside, EB is one of the best commenters on Mefi.
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MetaTalks that go "Why is X acceptable while Y is not acceptable?" tend to be the least productive discussions.
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There is an open thread on this general topic, bring this up there. This is a really bad way to get your point across.
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