Get rich slowly is finaly about to start getting rich December 10, 2007 11:08 PM   Subscribe

*waits for punchline*
posted by dg at 11:35 PM on December 10, 2007

It's pretty clear from the links. Congrats, jdroth!
posted by ludwig_van at 11:55 PM on December 10, 2007

Congratulations jdroth, my second FPP was a link I got from reading your blog.
posted by onalark at 12:09 AM on December 11, 2007

"I am now debt-free, except for my mortgage."

I am now drug-free, except for the prozac.
posted by tehloki at 1:34 AM on December 11, 2007 [4 favorites]

Wow, crazy -- I just ran across that site the other day and bookmarked it in my regular blogs. Great work, jdroth! (Both on the site and the debt.)

Oh, and getting out of the consumer debt is an extraordinary accomplishment, so let's not denigrate it by kvetching about the mortgage thing. One thing at a time. Besides, the interest rate on a mortgage isn't even comparable to that on a credit card, and jdroth's at least building equity in his house now. This is a huge milestone and deserves nothing but praise.

Also, there's at least some homestead-law protection for the house, though it ain't quite as good as what we get in Texas... :)
posted by spiderwire at 1:43 AM on December 11, 2007

Good job, JD! I just eliminated my consumer debt, as well. Mind you, I had to sell a domain to do it, not quite the same thing...
posted by maxwelton at 3:26 AM on December 11, 2007

Yes, good job.
posted by OmieWise at 4:26 AM on December 11, 2007

I am now drug-free, except for the prozac.

Yes, but as all the personal finance books will tell you, mortgages are good debt.

Until the property market crashes! Bwah-hah-hah. Which is when I swoops in and buys ur housez.

*stops fantasising, goes back to slaving off his credit card debt*

Congrats, jdroth!
posted by chrismear at 5:19 AM on December 11, 2007 [1 favorite]

I can't wait to join you in 20 years. (Good job, seriously.)
posted by Tuwa at 7:13 AM on December 11, 2007

Thanks, bigmusic (and everyone else). It feels awesome to be out of debt. And yes, tehloki, I still need to shake the prozac. But that's a priority, and it's going to happen sooner rather than later. My wife and I have a plan.

Metafilter has been instrumental to Get Rich Slowly's success. When I first got the germ of an idea, I asked a question about personal finance web sites. When the answers seemed to indicate there was a place for a personal finance blog (I didn't know others already existed), I started my site and posted it to Projects. A few months later, knave posted the site to the front page.

Since the very beginning, I've had great support from other mefites, including frykitty, acoutu, and many more (including Matt). I appreciate it.

Anyhow — I've licked my consumer debt and now I'm into hard-core saving mode. I'll be quitting my day job to run this site full time. I look forward to churning out more personal finance advice in the future! (And with any luck, I'll be able to spend more time on AskMe again — I miss it.)
posted by jdroth at 7:18 AM on December 11, 2007 [2 favorites]

jdroth: awesome, inspiring. Congratulations.
posted by Miko at 7:18 AM on December 11, 2007

I've been reading GRS for over a year (and even contributed some content once!), and I've met JD and he's a nice guy! I was really happy when I heard that he was able to make blogging his full-time job. It's the one personal finance blog I read, and it connects with me on a really personal level, which makes a difference in helping me to improve my financial habits. So thanks, JD, and congrats!
posted by matildaben at 8:16 AM on December 11, 2007

jdroth, sorry about that, I was just seeing an opportunity to snark and thought I might get some practice in. Have a favorite.
posted by tehloki at 12:16 PM on December 11, 2007

jdroth: I too am a daily reader of your site and have almost since it started. Congratulations. I hope to be there myself in another year and a half. I feel pretty good about it too, since I have only been done with school for a year and a half.
posted by bove at 1:21 PM on December 11, 2007

Hey, jdroth, thank you. I was just telling someone who is having financial troubles how I'd been completely intimidated about getting my finances in order, and all I did to change that was to bookmark your site and a few others and open the bookmarks every day. I didn't *try* to do anything else. But pretty soon, voila, all my bills were on auto-pay, all debt was at intro 0% rates and being paid down, etc., etc. I learned so much, and it all seemed so manageable, almost fun. So thanks a lot for what you do there.
posted by salvia at 9:49 PM on December 11, 2007

I was in CC debt for about $10,000. Then I accidentally cut the end of my right thumb off at work (cabinetmaker). With the settlement from worker's comp, I paid off the debt, went to part-time, took an internship at a cool post-production house, and now make 4 times what I did at the cabinetshop. It's unfortunate and bitter-sweet that it took half of my thumb to achieve this; it was almost worth it...except opening pistachios is tough.
posted by pepcorn at 6:31 AM on December 13, 2007

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