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I thought I noticed that the number of users has been hovering below 13,000 for a couple of months now, yes? Then all of a sudden, today, we stand at a proud 13062! What happened? Would that nice person (moz?) who posted the topic and user numbers links the last time I asked possibly mind posting them again?
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sorry, that wasn't me but waxpancake. he maintains the stats page, the latest production being for november.
posted by moz at 8:36 PM on December 26, 2001

Oh my! I've been lurking forever now, waiting to be able to register and now I can! Yay Matt. What a great Christmas present.
posted by chiababe at 8:47 PM on December 26, 2001

There is a back door (no link). There are also (I have to assume) many folks who are registering back-door names with no intention of using them save for silly and sometimes snarky instances.

13,000 users - 4~500 actiive??

Whatever the case, the numbers look good.

posted by dataport72 at 10:43 PM on December 26, 2001

What, this wasn't indication enough that new user reg's are turned on again?

If it is indeed a strategy, it's an interesting one that Matt is using : turn on new reg's for a while, turn them off, let the newbies 'bed down' and learn the rules of the place (hopefully), lather, rinse repeat. I hope it works. Bring on the newbies! It's like all those years ago in university when we'd sit in the UBC pub in early September and play rate-a-frosh. Ahh, the (slightly cloudy) memories.

Welcome, new people. No peeing in the pool, please.
posted by stavrosthewonderchicken at 12:55 AM on December 27, 2001

It could be, that was my impression (that they are only being turned on for a short while then closed again.)
I have been visiting MeFi for a while now, and I am really glad I was finally able to register so that I can comment and even post links.
Thanks Matt :)

posted by oneiros at 7:00 AM on December 27, 2001

Agreed - great to be able to register at last! I have been lurking for over three months now. I watched the membership numbers rising daily during this time but figured I could wait until it was free-for-all again.
I was wondering, though, if this means Matt has been able to sort out his server problems?
Either way, good one Matt :)
posted by different at 11:58 AM on December 27, 2001

13,000 users - 4~500 actiive??

Just because 13,000 people have registered an account here in the last two years doesn't mean they're all here. 400 active registered users with cookies that let them autologin sounds about right. The rest of the traffic are lurkers without accounts.
posted by skallas at 9:14 PM on December 27, 2001

the last time I ran stats on registered users, over 2900 people had visited the site in the previous 7 days, over 2100 in the past three days. The 200-400 you see online at any one time aren't the same bunch of folks.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 9:38 PM on December 27, 2001

In no particular order: Wow!, thanks to moz for setting me straight and posting the link, apologies to waxpancake and thanks for keeping the stats, thanks again for hosting a nice, cozy corner in cyberspace, Matt H., and Happy 2002 to all.
posted by Lynsey at 10:03 PM on December 29, 2001

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